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Yeah, yeah, I’m still not online yet. Maybe someday…before I die.

Anyway, this was too good not to share:

Miss M, my lovely 16yo daughter, hasn’t been doing well in school this year. With ADD and the school dragging its feet on implementing an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) plus a distinct lack of caring on Miss M’s part… We’re lucky she’s passing English and Concert Choir.

Anyhoo…. these two things — ADD and school —  combined into a lovely, oughta-be-on-a-bumper sticker moment.

See, Miss M hadn’t been taking her meds. So Mom decided to be the dispensary. I very, very faithfully gave her each dose. Well, it turns out we hadn’t needed to increase her meds last month, we just needed her to TAKE her meds. So, um yeah… she had a bit of a meth rage. On the same day as the parent-teacher conference.

As the bullshit meeting went on (These people do. not. care.  unless you’re a  mindless, college-bound, automaton.  Smallest school population in the county and the highest dropout rate.  ‘Nuff said.) Miss M spoke up and said, “I’m sick of you all telling me what my future’s going to be like!”

At which point, her seriously incompetent guidance counselor asked, in that smarmy, I’m-your-friend voice, “What do you want to do in the future?”

And my daughter answered,

“Uproot the patriarchal bullshit system.”

🙂 Oh yeah. That’s my baby!


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