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Bottomless Pit of Capitulation

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Okay, so maybe I lied about taking a break from writing about politics…

Well, no. It’s more a case of “when VastLeft Un-endorses Obama, the cause is so over the top as to require sensible people post about it.”

Admittedly, VastLeft’s support was self described as “tepid” by Lambert but he, like many of us, really believed that pushing the “D” in November — even if we had to hold our noses — was still the smartest, safest thing to do, considering the McCain threat.

So what happened to cause VL to un-endorse? Obama, throwing yet another Democratic principle (and Constitutional mandate) under the bus, wants to expand El Pollo Loco’s Faith-Based Initiatives program (AP) and — this is a big, big problem — and supports their right to hire and fire based on faith.

Yep, you read that right — religious programs receiving federal dollars (our tax money) would be allowed to hire and fire anyone who does not meet their “standard of faith.”

In other words, a program designed to offer housing assistance would be allowed to discriminate against prospective employees who do not share their faith and the particular tenets of that faith. So, programs run by Christian denominations of all stripes could discriminate against Wiccans, atheists, Jews, Buddhists, etc. And fundamentalist church programs could discriminate against all of those, plus other Christians.

Literally, a Presbyterian could lose their job at a Pentacostal food pantry or a Baptist-sponsored pre-kindergarten program because they believe in infant baptism.

Now, I have no problem with church employees being required to profess the same tenets as the church they’re hoping to hire them. You are being hired by the congregation, and you will be a representative of that congregation. It is the same reason why individual churches as well as their larger assemblies set the rules on who they will and will not marry.

The problem comes when a federally-funded program is allowed to act as a congregation-funded one. At that point, it crosses the line to government-sponsored religion. And that is unconstitutional.

No, no, and hell no.

I haven’t even gotten into the fact that the Faith-Based Initiatives program is a disaster of epic proportions which is more about coercing needy people into converting than about actually, y’know… helping.

Nor am I going to delve into the morass that is Obama’s (and most all Democrats’) continual pandering to the religious right. I wish the party that believes in religious freedom (or did) would start standing up and saying, “Religion is an intensely personal issue, and should remain a private affair for all people.”

Then again, you know what they say about wishes and horses…

My choice this fall has been made. Even with clothespins and lots of mind-altering self-medicating, there is just no way I can vote for someone who will give my money to places that wouldn’t allow me to work for them. Down-ticket only is my only choice, unless things really change or the superdelegates throw their support new nominee.

And now… I’m returning to my self-imposed break from politics.

[Note: Post title shamelessly stolen from VastLeft’s post.]


July 1, 2008 - Posted by | America, Election '08, Government, Politics, Religion

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