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Honor the Man, Fulfill The Dream

I was lucky enough to grow up in a family that believed in equality for all people long before it was socially acceptable.

My grandmother treated everyone as equals far before it was the right thing in the eyes of society or the law. In fact, in her early years, that was considered the wrong thing to do, even the “un-Christian” thing, because segregation and oppression of other races was “God’s will” for the white “superior” race.

My mother was thirteen when Dr. King stood at the Lincoln Memorial and told the world about his dream, almost eighteen when he was killed in April 1968. She listened to his words, felt their impact all the way to her soul as a result of her mother’s example, and over the years has tried with every fiber of her being to help that dream become reality.

Some people grew up with pictures of Jesus or the saints or a president in their living rooms; we had Dr. King.

I had memorized Dr. King’s “I Have A Dream” speech by the time I was nine. (And trust me, you ain’t seen nothing till you’ve seen a skinny little white girl from the rural farm country of WhiteBread Center, PA giving Dr. King’s speech to an attentive audience of dogs and younger siblings. Complete with Dr. King’s dramatic oration.)

Today, I believe we are striving ever closer to the day when that dream is a reality. But it is not here, and it won’t be until each of us plays our part.

We must teach and inform and – most importantly – act on our belief that each and everyone of us is an equal member of the human race regardless of our color, our gender, our orientation, our ethnic background, our religious persuasions, our nationalities, or any of the millions of other ways in which every human being is different from every other.

The dream can be reality, but only when all of the people in all of the lands all over this earth learn one thing: there is no “us and them.”

There is only “we.”


January 21, 2008 - Posted by | America, Family, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, World Peace

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  1. The dream is closer, but we must toil on, we are not there yet.

    Comment by Mom | January 21, 2008 | Reply

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