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Obama wins with 37.58%. Edwards and Clinton are in a near-tie with 29.75% and 29.47%, respectively. Of course, pundits large and small are calling this a huge defeat for Clinton (Huge? No. Stinging? Yes.) and declaring Edwards is DOA and I’m sure we’ll get a full round of spin and counterspin and counter-clockwise spin about the meaning of it all.


Here’s a few of my opinions. (Hey, if you listen to and/or read everyone else’s, you should have to read mine as well.)

Number one: Going third tonight does not mean HRC is going to pull out. I know the pundits would like her to cover her face with shame and go gently into that goodnight, but the pundits are morons. Pretty much all it means is that her advisors are pretty ignorant.

One of the things that comes with living here is that Hillary’s Senate district is right across the border, and yes, they love her up there. I’ve talked to a variety of people who’ve met her at campaign events as well as during district tours, and they tell me she’s far warmer, more charming, and more intelligent than what you see on TV.

Start listening to yourself, Hillary, and pay attention to people outside the Beltway. In other words: stop triangulating, and start using your heart along with your brains. Meditate on this question: what did we like about Bill? At the height of the impeachment trial, he was getting approval ratings in the 60s. Why?

Because we liked the fact that he understood our problems, he felt our pain, he hurt alongside us. And we liked him because he gave us hope. Hope that we could be better people, a better nation. Hope that we could have – and our kids could have – a better future.

Give me some damn hope!

Number two: Winning doesn’t guarantee Obama anything, except that he’ll be spoken of as the “Democratic front-runner” for the next few weeks until the Feb. super-primary. Bill Clinton garnered a sick and sad 3% three percent – in the 1992 Iowa caucus.

Being first doesn’t make Obama any more interesting to me than he was a week ago. You want change? Then be the change. You don’t get to run your mouth about how you’d do everything differently from the current Moron-in-Chief and every other candidate if you can’t A) show up for Senate votes and B) do more than hit “Present”.

If you wanna talk the talk, you better be able to walk the walk. Obama, you’re failing miserably when it comes to doing anything that resembles standing up for what you believe.

Number three: Edwards isn’t automatically out because he finished at a rounded-up 30%. Once again: Bill Clinton got only 3% in his first Iowa caucus. Edwards isn’t out of this by a long shot, though we’ll see what happens – again – come the super-primary on Feb 5th. One advantage – as always – is his wife and another is his absolute drive to bring an end to the two Americas where the haves have all the advantages, and the have-nots are left to the tender mercies of Big Insurance, Big Pharma, Big Oil, Big Brother, etc.

Johh, start making waves. Crib from the ’92 Clinton campaign. You’ve got some great ideas, good policy positions, and the brains to make it work. Find a way to make what you’re saying be heard, and don’t let the pundits and the talking heads get away with fluffing you.

Number four: The only candidate who spoke passionately about standing up for the rule of law and for the Constitution and a return of the law- and treaty-abiding America that could hold her head up as a beacon of hope and justice to the rest of the world – and actually stood up to defend our civil liberties – pulled out of the race tonight. And no, I’m not talking about Biden, though he pulled out as well.

Chris Dodd stood up to the telecommunications industry, to Harry Reid and the rest of the spineless Dems, and to a White House that continues to lie to the American people and treats this country like their private banana republic.

He deserves a hell of a lot more than a round of applause and a thank you, but that’s all I’ve got.

Number five: Richardson hasn’t got a chance in hell unless a random lightning strike takes out the rest of the field, and even then it would be close. But, with the most foreign-policy and diplomatic experience of any candidate and with a well-earned reputation that precedes him around the world, he deserves to be the next Secretary of State. Period.

Number six: In the end – as has been said in many ways by many others at many different blogs – the worst of ours is still better than the best of theirs, and I’ll vote for whoever becomes the nominee. Solely because another four years of Republican rule would further destroy this country economically, morally, and politically. It would be an ignoble end to the grand experiment our Founders set in motion.

A Republic, if you can keep it,” said Benjamin Franklin to a woman who asked him what kind of government they’d given us at the Constitutional Convention in 1787. 220 years later, we realize just how easy it was to lose. If we’re to salvage it and restore it to its former glory, we need to start earning it once again, and any of the current crop would be a step in the right direction.

The problem is, we need to take more than a few steps to save it, and I’m not sure which of the current candidates is most able to do what will need to be done. They all have good points, but also negatives that make me wonder just how much change we’ll actually see from them. After all, we see just how much “change” came from electing Democrats last time. (Yes, there are some bright lights, and yes, they’re better than the Rubber-Stamp 109th Congress. Marginally.)

In the end, no matter which one we choose, merely having a Democratic president is going to put our country on the right footing to restore our Constitution and restore our global reputation.

I’d just like that Democrat to be someone I could wholeheartedly endorse.

Oh, and PS: The Huckster won for the Republicans. Heh. How they reap what they sow. I’m going to start printing bumperstickers: “Fuck Huck.”

What do you think? Red lettering on black background or black lettering on a white background? What about red and blue on white?


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