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Total Randomness

Weird thoughts come to me as I read my blog stats page and check my Sitemeter. I’m sharing nine of today’s totally random thoughts with you.

1.) Never use the phrase “Big Dick” in any post title. I did, and now I’m probably tops in the “man with big dick” searches. Of course, the searchees are no doubt terribly disappointed when they click and find out I’m talking about the Prince of Darkness.

Most of these hits are from Asia and India.

2.) I also get a lot of people who are using the following keywords: “hot mothers and daughters” “hot young daughters” “sex with daughter” “young girl sex.” These people disturb me greatly.

Most of those hits are from the Middle East … and southern US. Ahem.

3.) What kind of person uses the keywords “potty mouth lady Scranton” while searching for info about a woman arrested for cursing inside her own house?

“Potty mouth”?! Oh-kay…. I’m guessing that’s the kind who thinks “damn” is a curse word. Continue reading


December 12, 2007 Posted by | Blogging, Just For Fun | 2 Comments