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Bush is the Law, Bitchez

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I’m just posting this in its entirety. No words from me are necessary.

Although, I would like to say: if you read all this, and your reaction isn’t “HOLY F**KING CRAP! These people need to be impeached, if not sent straight to The Hague!” then you should definitely apply for a job within the Bush misAdministration.

US Senator Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) on the floor of the Senate this morning:

We will shortly consider making right the things that are wrong with the so-called Protect America Act, a second-rate piece of legislation passed in a stampede in August at the behest of the Bush Administration. It is worth for a moment considering why making this right is so important.

President Bush pressed this legislation not only to establish how our government can spy on foreign agents, but how his administration can spy on Americans. Make no mistake, the legislation we passed in August is significantly about spying on Americans – a business this administration should not be allowed to get into except under the closest supervision. We have a plain and tested device for keeping tabs on the government when it’s keeping tabs on Americans. It is our Constitution.

Our Constitution has as its most elemental provision the separation of governmental powers into three separate branches. When the government feels it necessary to spy on its own citizens, each branch has a role.

The executive branch executes the laws, and conducts surveillance. The legislative branch sets the boundaries that protect Americans from improper government surveillance. The judicial branch oversees whether the government has followed the Constitution and the laws that protect U.S. citizens from violations of their privacy and their civil rights.

It sounds basic, but even an elementary understanding of this balance of powers eludes the Bush administration. So now we have to repair this flawed and shoddy “Protect America Act.” Continue reading


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Friday Anti-War Song — Chris Chandler Edition

This is the Chris Chander/David Roe song I mentioned in a comment on the previous post. Imagine my joy when I found it on YouTube, and although the video is one created by the uploader, not the one Chris uses, it’s still fantastic.

I’ve seen Chris and DR live twice now, and each time was fabulous. They played both times at this little hole-in-the-wall coffeehouse that seats maybe 30…40 if a few people double up. The crowds were huge both times, with people standing 4 deep outside just to see and hear the show.

Although Dave isn’t touring with Chris anymore, definitely take the time to catch the show if Chris comes to your area! It’s a fantastic combo of music, spoken word, and visual images.

Somethings in the Air/But It’s Not on the Airwaves, from American Storyteller Volumes 1 & 2:

Visit Chris’ website.

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