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All I Want For [Winter Holiday of Your Choice]

Like others who have lots of little people in their lives, I’ve been wondering just what in the world to buy them for Christmas … the holidays.

The one and only, very bestest, gotta-have-it toy my niece wanted – pulled from the market. Same goes for the items I’d been eyeing for my nephew and another niece.

I’m not about to buy some piece of Chinese-made lead-coated junk, so … what to do?

Ah – I heard that! Books, absolutely. I’m the book-aunt in my family. No event goes by without some book as a gift, and I frequently give books for no reason at all.

But, kids – being kids – like toys and want toys, and even if I don’t buy them now, I’m going to have to buy toys at some point in the future.

Which is why I was thrilled to find this:

Still Made in USA – a great resource list with links to companies whose products are, obviously, still made in the US. With product categories like: Toys and Games, Kitchen and Dining, Bed and Bath, Appliances, Apparel, Tools, Home and Garden … everything you could want or need — produced in the US, by US workers, under US standards — can be found through this site.

Under Toys and Games, for example, you’ll find companies such as:

K’nex – celebrating its 15th anniversary – K’nex building sets were a favorite of my boys when they were younger.

ImagiPLAY – “Toys with Integrity” – Earth-friendly and Child-safe toys

Skullduggery, Inc – plaster craft kits in a variety of themes: race cars, fossils, etc.

Shrinky Dinks – You remember these! Kids can create a wild variety of different objects with shrinkable plastic.

Wiffle Ball, Inc – Home of the original Wiffle Ball.

Greenleaf Dollhouses – dollhouses, furniture kits, birdhouses and more

Magic Cabin – soft dolls, dress-up clothes, arts & crafts, books

And that’s just a sampling. Enjoy looking around the site and finding great, safe toys, games, crafts, and more for kids of all ages – and stuff for you and your home as well!

I shall now consider this my good deed for the day – which means … chocolate for me!


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