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Why Do Republicans Hate Children?

*edited 9/25/07, 11:00pm. Edits between # #. — Jenn

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Michael Leavitt, the Secretary of Health and Human Services*, was on C-Span’s Washington Journal today. I somehow managed to listen to his blather, for a few minutes, until the urge to vomit overwhelmed me. Of course, that might just have been the stomach flu…

One of the talking points repeated over and over and over ad nauseum was the $80,000 figure. As in, “OH MY GOD, they want people making up to $80,000¹ (or 400% of the federal poverty level) to get FREE GOVERNMENT HEALTH CARE²!!”

¹ Wrong. The $80K figure came from New York State’s request #to expand its program# which was denied – and which would still be denied under the new SCHIP bill.

The SCHIP bill currently under consideration would insure children in families living at 200% of the federal poverty level (or $40,000 (pre-tax) for a family of four) who do not have access to, or cannot afford, private health insurance.

² And wrong again. This isn’t “government health care”. The government isn’t going to be opening clinics and running hospitals and giving kids their immunizations. This is government-paid health insurance.

Leavitt also blathered a bit about how this program was going to allow people who already had private insurance to get public health insurance, etc. etc.


Can someone name a public, open to anyone regardless of income, government-sponsored program believed by the government to be necessary for our nation’s future and security, in which the government doesn’t actually provide the service rendered?

Indeed. Public education, folks.

Using the Bush misAdministration rationales for vetoing SCHIP, all those making more than 200% of the federal poverty level will be required to enroll their children in private school, at their own cost. If you can’t afford private school, well that’s just tough noogies. Your child will go uneducated.

I can see the future of education under the Bush Plan:

[[wavy lines with eerie “wee-doo, wee-doo” music signifying dream sequence]]

Not only will you be required to pay for private school, there will be co-pays and out-of-pocket costs for things like locker space, bulletin board usage, cafeteria usage (tables and chairs, not food. Food is already a separate expense.) and bus service. And, yes, there will be deductibles. You’ll be required to pay for the first 100 days of your child’s education before your coverage begins. Per year. Per child.

Unfortunately, should your child prove to be intelligent, AP classes will be considered “experimental” and not covered. Same for Learning Support. Same for History and Social Studies under the Aetna plan, although United SchoolCare will cover them – but won’t cover spelling, vocabulary, or algebra, which will be covered by First Priority Schooling, although they will not cover unnecessary programs like art, music, or library. For those, you’d have to buy an additional rider.

Your kid #could read before entering kindergarten?# Pre-existing education! Sorry, no core curriculum costs for those folks can be covered.

Writing utensils will be covered under some plans, but not under others – check your enrollment packet to see if you’re covered. For those that cover it, a $20 co-pay will be required, except at Walmart where they’ll be included as part of their new $4 schooling supplies plan. Textbooks will only be covered for those who purchased – at additional cost – the Text and Workbook plans.

Tests required by individual states and by the federal government will only be covered with pre-approval. You must get written pre-approval within 99 months of the test, or you will be charged for the entire cost, unless your child scores above the 90th percentile and is accepted by any Ivy League college. In which case, your school coverage provider will reimburse you, usually with 80-100 years of your submission of the reimbursement request form.

Each plan will issue large books informing you which schools – and which teachers at those schools – will be covered.

Going to Sesame Street Middle School? Covered. Science class? Covered. Have Miss Piggy in Room 402? Um, sorry. She’s not one of our covered education providers. However, Mr. Martin at Beaker Middle School is. Too bad Beaker is 3 hours from your house.

It’ll be like the Wild West or the colonial days. Education for those who can afford it, and indentured apprenticeships for the rest! Free market and all that jazz.

Heck, I bet we could even get them to repeal those silly child labor laws since there’s going to be so many kids just loose on the streets whose parents can’t even afford a basic education.

[[end dream sequence]]

The sick thing is, you just know the Bushies will go for it.

– – –

* Why is it that Bush appointees always want the opposite of what their agency is supposed to stand for? Alberto Gonzalez politicizes the “Justice” Department turning it into the “No Justice ‘cept for rich white (Republican) folks” Department.

Leavitt fights health coverage for poor children and turns “Health and Human Services” into “Zero Health and Human Services.”

Brownie and FEMA? Instead of Emergency Management, we get Emergency “Can’t Find Our Way Out of a Paper Bag with a Flashlight, a Map, and a Guide Dog.”

– – –

By the way, there’s also the Free and Reduced Lunch Program. Using the misAdmin rationale, children in families making less than 125% of the federal poverty level will no longer receive free lunches, #but will receive an deduction on their income tax to cover a portion of their costs.#

Those making less than 185% will no longer receive reduced-price lunches and will be required to take their children to restaurants for their midday meal.

Applebee’s will be covered. But not if you sit in tables 10-25 between 11:30 am and 1:30 pm. McDonald’s is always covered, but only if you go through the drive-thru, eat off the dollar menu, and get two apple pies with that. Cracker Barre–

*shudder* Better stop there before the Republicans get any ideas…

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  1. Yes, be careful. We have a President who does not read papers, and complains that Bill Clinton surrounded himself with intellectuals.
    So, he surely would support your plan.
    Funny stuff..made my day…thanks.

    Comment by mom | September 26, 2007 | Reply

  2. Education Maintenance Organizations…the wave of the Emperor Bush future!

    Comment by PA_Lady | September 26, 2007 | Reply

  3. […] the shysters that they are. They lie and pander, all the while using emotion and the children – OH THE CHILDREN! – to get what they want, VOTES. Once they have your vote, they could care less if they deliver. […]

    Pingback by Right Pride Blog | April 26, 2010 | Reply

  4. Watch Obama’s latest speech (September 8, 2011) why was the republican side not enthusiastic about supporting schools, and children? Really? isn’t this America- shouldn’t all kids have a chance to go to a decent/safe school?

    Comment by MJ | September 9, 2011 | Reply

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