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WhyMommy in Parents!

Parents magazine interviewed WhyMommy for their October issue, in honor of October’s designation as Breast Cancer Awareness Month!!

Check it out here. And don’t forget to click the Team WhyMommy button over there on the right (no, the other right … under the … yeah, right there) to learn more about inflammatory breast cancer and to join the team!

I haven’t read Parents in … – well, my youngest is 15, so it’s been awhile – but I’ll definitely be picking up this issue! Okay, honestly? When I go grocery-shopping, I’ll just stand in the aisle at Tops and read the article. Parents mag is great, but really not helpful for parenting two teens and a twenty.** Shoppers, just go around me.

– – –

** How about helpful advice like:

When Your Adult Child Moves Out, Breaks Up With His Girlfriend/Roommate, and Moves Home – All Within One Week!”

or “How To Stop Teen Girls From Shamelessly Throwing Themselves at Your Sons – And How to Stop Your Sons From Capitalizing on It!”

or “How to Feed Teen/Twenty-something Males Without Going Broke (Or Losing Fingers)!”

or “Teaching Our Teen Daughters to Avoid Fashion/DietingMakeup Advice in Magazines!”


September 18, 2007 - Posted by | America, Cancer, Friends, Health, Life, Parenting, Women

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