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Saturday Potluck

I thought life was supposed to be less hectic once the kids are gone? Hah!

I’ll spare y’all the details and condense it to: “work, work, deal with bureaucrats, work, deal with bureaucrats some more, work, 2-hour drive to a football game and back again.” Before we start, I just wanna say: We won!

Or rather the team did – I just yelled and clapped a lot. Oh – and I learned a cool new cheer – led by guys, no less. Someday I’m going to write a post about a buncha herd … a whole lot of old guys yelling “helpful” instructions to the team, doing cheers better than the cheerleaders, and overall, having the time of their lives – except for when they played, naturally. Except that a few … a lot of them, I happen to know, only went on the field at half-time. (Yes, folks, some of those band geeks grow up to become bleacher-bound, wannabe football coaches. But they know everything there is to know about football, especially when the other team is ahead, really. The only thing worse than listening to them tell the kids how to play is listening to the former cheerleaders telling them how to play. *shudder*)

Anyway … on with the round-up of cool blogs found while wandering the toobz:

Feel like an insider! Behind the scenes of Farm Aid at Farm Aid: Around the Kitchen Table

From Wendy tells you who does what

For those of you who know Farm Aid, you know that the 11 of us who work in the office all year helping farmers, raising money and stuffing t-shirts are the same folks who organize the Farm Aid concert.

Every September we shed our mild mannered non-profit alter egos and become rockstar concert producers (well at least we pretend to!).

Each staff member has concert responsibilities, as well as our regular non-profit charitable work. It’s kind of cool but can be overwhelming. All week staff divided their time between our office in Massachusetts and the concert site in NYC. Now, staff are already at the venue- working out of mobile trailers- their trusty laptops at their sides.

For those living in caves until recently: more about Farm Aid and more about the concert.

An interesting and educational site for those who are – like me – following their own pathway to the Divine – – Love, Hope, and Life

From Duality and the Divine

Duality, although a useful concept for comparison and for manipulation of energies, becomes unnecessary when we wish to work with the Divine Current as a whole. Duality is the surface of understanding, while Divine Oneness is the core.

The two halves of a duality are like two sides of a coin; they appear to be opposites, and yet they are only different manifestations of the same Divine energy. When we learn to recognize them as different manifestations of the Divine, we don’t lose the concept of duality but we gain another level of understanding; the understanding that everything works together, instead of struggling for balance.[…]

Working with relatives, living in Tennessee and … ummm, having fun? DeMarCaTionVille

From Smoke-Free Tenn, Toilet Seat and Super Hero Talk:

“What do you mean they can’t smoke?” Mr. Dad bellowed after I reminded him the smoke-free Tennessee law goes into effect October 1st and would apply to his employees/workplace.

“What if I say they can smoke?” He asked.

“Well, you’d be in violation of the law and subject to a fine… or imprisonment if they allow me to testify against you.”


“Seriously on the laws or seriously `would I testify against you?’ Yes and yes, if they offered me a deal, reward or free soda with purchase of sandwich from McDonald’s.”

“I thought the law just applied to restaurants – and you’re still upset about that whole toilet seat thing, aren’t you? I told you I was sorry about that.”

“The smoke-free laws apply to all public places including the workplace with three or more employees. There are a a few exceptions – but none that apply to you. And it’s not just the toilet seat thing. If you’re locked-up, it would be easier for me to date.” I explained.


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