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The View From My Window

I wrote about WhyMommy and her fight with inflammatory breast cancer in my inaugural Saturday Potluck, and wanted to share this lovely, perfect metaphor for online communities she wrote:

It’s hard to explain my affection for blogging and blogfriends to those not intimately familiar with it, but I think it goes something like this. […]

It’s as if one day last August I walked into my room, turned on the lamp, and suddenly noticed the window on the far wall, where none had been before. When I opened the curtains, the room was flooded with light and warmth, and I could hear a chorus of voices spilling through. I looked out, and discovered an amazing view — not the restful mountains or the popular beach — but a courtyard, filled with children of all ages, laughing, playing, crying, inventing, growing up together, and a sea of other windows — moms — each in a room of their own, writing their own lives, but pausing intermittently to check on the children and to be inspired by them and the women who love them. The windows are close enough that we can call to each other on the spring breezes when we are stuck, when we have something to celebrate, when we have something to mourn.

And it’s a beautiful way to live.

I love this description of blogging and commenting. All of us calling out to one another from our windows, finding that one shared interest between us — be it parenting or politics or technology or … anything — and, through our chats and discussions, discovering more and more commonalities on which to base a friendship.

We share our hopes and our fears and our dreams, we share the good and the bad times, we discuss the mundane and the life-changing, and with each comment, each post, each chat, our friendship grows, just as it would in the real world. And just like the real world, we share our blog friends with others, hoping they, too, will become friends.

The difference is – in the real world, we might pass by some people, seeing only the external, thinking they had nothing to offer us because of their age, appearance, economic status, or gender – and we would lose out on an important group of voices that educate, entertain, encourage, and enlighten us; we’d lose what could have been a wonderful friendship.

Here, through my window, I see just friends. Some of you are close friends with whom I chat daily — or as close to it as possible, what with work and family commitments — and some are newly-made friends I hope to spend more time with, and others are passersby on this blog or others, giving a quick wave before continuing on your own journey.

Each and every one of you enriches my life. As I hope I, in some way, have enriched yours.


August 17, 2007 - Posted by | Blogging, Family, Friends


  1. You sure have. Thanks for the shout-out, and for the community that you help build over here, in this corner of the internet.

    Comment by whymommy | August 18, 2007 | Reply

  2. A lovely metaphor.
    As you say, it is the absence of the visual that eliminates our usual barriers for interaction. Someone’s appearance or status or other things that might make us pass by without stopping to say Hi are eliminated and we get to how one thinks and feels about the same issues and problems we all face. The people I have met online are as real and as dear to me as anyone in my personal life.

    Comment by mirth | August 23, 2007 | Reply

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