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I never thought I’d say this, but I think I’ve actually found a company whose customer service is WORSE than Penelec and Verizon: Charter Communications.

Thankfully, they aren’t anyone I’m stuck doing business with, but Felicity of The Hangover Journals does, and she’s being royally f*cked over by them:

I’m going to reiterate everything that’s happened with me and Charter in this post so I have it all neatly in writing somewhere. […] You know I never ask for links, but I’m asking now. I want this to get around. I want this article to be on the front page of a google search for Charter Communications. I am beyond anger and into a sort of deep, shaking, silent rage.

At some point during the first week of August, Charter turned my internet off. I called them the morning of August 3 to straighten this out. They claimed that my internet had been turned off because I had not paid my bill since May, when I moved. In actual fact, they had been siphoning $55 out of my bank account each month. When I pointed this out, they at first accused me of getting internet at two houses and then said, well, alright, we screwed up and we’ll credit your account at the new house with all the money that we have removed. So that was an hour on the phone and some screaming and one would have thought, well, perils of modern life and all that, right, but it’s over.

Wrong. It was not over. Charter would proceed to turn my internet off again for the same reason on Sunday, August 5: another hour long phone call, same resolution.

And again on Friday, August 10: another hour long phone call with bonus screaming which took place on Sunday, August 12 and ended up with them –

Turning it off again an hour later. On Monday, August 13 I called again and spoke for, yeah, about an hour, with a supervisor named Monica who assured me over and over that it was all taken care of now.

And it was until last night, when they turned it off again and I am even now summoning up my courage to call the assholes again.

Felicity’s asking for links to her post, with the goal of making it the number one site when folks search Google for Charter. Spread the word.


August 17, 2007 - Posted by | America, Blogs, Business, Charter Communications

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