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Saturday Potluck

Okay, the name’s growing on me…

What’s Your Walk Score?

My town scored a not-bad 60 out of 100, but – unfortunately – “teh Google” has a few things in the wrong places. One school appears to be only 1 mile from my house. In fact, it’s nearly 3 miles away.

It also marks the high school’s football field (and track, and soccer, and other stuff) as a pond! *smirk* There’s a lot I could say, considering the football team is a joke, but I’ll settle on: Guess that’s what they get for calling it the “Lockhart Bowl”

Things I Learned Today

Learn interestesting facts like:

The failed Gunpowder Plot (Guy Fawkes almost setting off barrels of gunpowder under the House of Lords in 1605) involved 18 barrels of gunpowder, which would have not only reduced The House of Lords to rubble, it would have killed everyone within 100 meters, and broken all the stained glass windows in Westminster Abbey.

The Leaky Brain

Just plain fun to read, especially the post on how to cage free drinks on airplanes! Also, be sure to check out the “Team of the Week” feature.

The Little Pink Clubhouse

Another one of those cool folks I met through FDL, Strategerie is a romance author, currently working on selling her first novel. She’s also the President-for-Life (and then some) of the PJF Fan Club. (Don’t worry, you’ll understand once you get there.)


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