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Senator Reid Grows A Backbone

Harry Reid, seeming to finally hear the voices of the American people, has declared he will keep the Senate in session all night for debate, since several cloture motions have failed as a result of Republican obstructionism.

Put up or shut up, in other words.

And, oddly enough, I can’t seem to find mention of this anywhere in the MSM…

From Bob Geiger:

Forcing his Republican colleagues to put up or shut up on the notion of an up-or-down vote, Senate Majority leader Harry Reid (D-NV) just moments ago announced that he will immediately file a cloture motion on the Reed-Levin troop redeployment bill and, if Republicans follow through with a filibuster, will place the Senate in a prolonged all-night session Tuesday to force a true continuation of debate.

“Now, Republicans are using a filibuster to block us from even voting on an amendment that could bring the war to a responsible end,” said Reid. “They are protecting the President rather than protecting our troops. They are denying us an up or down – yes or no – vote on the most important issue our country faces.”

In making this move (based on my understanding of Senate rules), Reid is invoking the provisions of Rule 22 (Precedence of Motions) of the Standing Rules of the Senate, which provides, at the Majority Leader’s discretion, up to 30 hours of debate if a filibuster is initiated — as the Republicans will most certainly do, knowing that Reed-Levin may very well have the 51 votes needed for passage.


In other words, the Majority Leader is saying “You want to debate? We’ll stay all night and debate.”

‘Bout time, wouldn’t you say?


July 16, 2007 - Posted by | America, Democrats, Politics, Republicans


  1. Haven’t they voted up or down on this sevaral times? Besides, the only thing that Reid appears to be doing is violating his Constitutional duty. Congress does not have the authority under the Constitution of the US to pull troops. They are given the authority to declare war (5 x’s so far I believe) and the authority to control the purse strings. They have the ability to defund the war. If he had any real backbone, that’s what he would attempt to do instead of wasting more time on the Senate floor with a bill that even if passed would be vetoed. This is pure politics that isn’t good for our country, either side.

    Comment by al66888 | July 16, 2007 | Reply

  2. No, they’ve voted on cloture – or the motion to end debate and continue to a vote on the bill itself. Each time, the Republicans and the Independent-Democrat (with few exceptions) have voted against cloture – or against ending debate, thus continuing debate, thus keeping the actual bills from being voted on.

    One such was the Webb Amendment, which required our troops to have equal time at home as they have been deployed. In other words, returning to the 1:1 ratio. All but 7 Republicans voted to continue debate on the motion. They did not vote AGAINST it, nor did they vote FOR it. But, they like to claim that it is Democrats who do not support our troops, and are unable to pass legislation.

    Now, they must address the actual issue and put their money (ie: votes) where their mouths are. Do they support the troops and believe that our service members should have time at home equal to their time deployed? Or not?

    This is the way the Congress is supposed to work, and by forcing the Republicans (and the Independent-Democrat) to actually debate the motions they’ve voted to continue debating, we might actually start seeing a Congress which is able to pass legislation that is important to the American people. Such as, ending our involvement in Iraq, health care for 47 million uninsured Americans, oversight of the executive branch and its egregious violations of law and the Constitution.

    Comment by PA_Lady | July 16, 2007 | Reply

  3. I understand that, but they’re voting for cloture on yet another troop reduction/troop withdrawl bill that has no chance of passing into law. Even if they get the cloture vote, and get the senate vote, then what? At best it sits there, at worst it gets vetoed.

    Can’t you see that? It’s a waste of time and money. The bill itself is a dead end. That’s not following the Constitution. That’s not doing the bidding of the American public, that’s pandering to the anit-war crowd. You already have their vote- stop wasting time! If I were a D strategist I would move on, you already have that vote in 08, you need to do something to grab the moderates and the independents, and their poll numbers are falling farther and faster than the Presidents.

    As for the Webb Amendment, they voted against it bc of the bill itself that it would be tied to. If that was presented as a seperate piece of legislation, you would see a different result.

    Comment by al66888 | July 17, 2007 | Reply

  4. There is no solution to the Iraq War. If Americans really want the war to end, and they truly care for their ‘Soldiers’, then they will immediately, without hesitation, cease and desist from driving their cars. Other than that, you have no one to blame but yourselves. Also, I have news for you folks. Bush is ‘The Leaker’.

    In the Name of Brutus

    Dames and Gents,

    In times unprecedented and tinged with despair, it is appropriate to reflect on the founding of our great nation. It was not with George Washington, but with Brutus, and not the one who killed Caeser. There was another who rebelled against the tyrant monarchy of Rome, The Tarquins. He wrote the Roman Constitution that would stand for 500 years. His sons sided with the monarchy. The monarchy lost. So to punish his sons and found a perfect union, he immolated his own sons.
    Machiavelli speaks fluently and voluminoulsy and voiciferously on this subject, in ‘The Discourses’, and yet is proved wrong on several counts by the miracle of America. He says that a nation founded in servitude, as America was a colony, will never win its freedom. He also says that a nation founded on fertile soil that is easily defended, will in time loose all of its freedoms because it will become, eventually, inevitably, sloth and sated, and will forget to protect them.
    As regards ‘The DC Madam’, I am personally involved. You can view my involvement at
    Sometimes a mouse will lead you to a kat, and a kat can lead you to a rat and a rat, ironically, can lead you to the truth. And the truth, as they say, and as it is written, will set you free.
    May all those who sincerely and patiently wait for freedom be free and may all those who desire to steal those freedoms find instead the dire consequences that accompany contempt for a great man like Brutus.

    As regards Machiavelli,
    eram sapiens tamen nefas
    And again,
    vox vocis publicus est vox vocis deus

    May The Republic stand forever and bring the Glory Of The World, with Dignity, into Its Treasury.



    Comment by Virtue Lord Purple | July 17, 2007 | Reply

  5. al66888: Gee, you don’t work with David Broder, by any chance? *wink* The punditocracy is just full of the “oh dears, they shouldn’t have done that” even though their opinions are clearly out of focus with that of the majority of Americans. Guess what? Listening to the pundits and talking heads calling for civility has gotten us… where, exactly?

    Sometimes, you make a stand, even when it’s pointless, even when it’s hopeless, because of the greater change that needs to be made.

    In this case, the point is that Republicans will be forced to actually vote against the measure. Realistically, yes, it has no chance of being signed by the President (who might sign and issue yet another signing statement to the effect that he’ll ignore the law he just signed) But, Republicans will have to go on record with their decisions.

    Big deal that it may not pass, or that El Chimperor won’t sign it. The point is to show the American people the truth: it is Republicans (and their Independent-Democrat friend) who are voting against measures intended to provide actual support to our troops, and it is Republicans who are stone-walling the business of government and are continuing to keep our troops in harm’s way – without proper amount of time for R&R with their families – by voting against cloture motions.

    The point is not to pass this legislation – although there’s always hope. The point is to force the Republicans to make a stand and to defend that stand.

    Then, the American people will see clearly as to which party is truly “supportive” of our troops, and which party merely uses them as props for market tours and photo ops.

    Comment by PA_Lady | July 17, 2007 | Reply

  6. lol- it’s actually my penname. I actually don’t read the Post

    I don’t know how you can support the Dems right now. Not that I like the Republicans, bc I think they’re just as bad, but at least they have some ideas. This is no longer a stand, it was a stand the first 3 xs, now it’s pure politics.

    As for your first paragraph you talk about how ‘their’ views are out of touch with the majority of America. However all the recent Rasmussmen polls show it’s the Dems out of touch. A new, all time low 16% approval rating of Dem controlled congress, only 17% say we will be safer if we pull out of Iraq, and 51% say wait till Sept before doing everything in Iraq.

    They overwhelmingly put in Gen Petraeus, who said it would be July 4th before all troops were in place, and sometime in Sept before we could even make an initial assessment. Yet before July 4th, the Dems said the surge wasn’t working and the war was lost. If that’s not politics, I don’t know what is. And in the end, politics will kill the country, no matter what side you root for.

    As for supporting the troops, there’s a reason why military personel vote overwhelmingly R, they can’t vote for the Senate leader who says the war is lost, or guys like Murtha that call our troops ‘cold blooded killers’.

    Comment by al66888 | July 17, 2007 | Reply

  7. Well, f**k you, WordPress!

    al66888: Well, I had written a pretty long response, but the WP went nuts and I’ve lost it. To recap (because I can’t remember half of it): I don’t know what polls you’re looking at, but I’m guessing they’re the same ones Fox News uses.

    Check out for results of several polls – Newsweek, AP-Ipsos, and others – that show that, while Congress’ approval ratings have dropped in response to their failure to act as something more than scared children in the face of Republican obstructionism, the approval rating for this war (and that of the President) are at all-time lows, and believe the surge is not working.

    From the Newsweek poll:

    “Now thinking about the situation in Iraq: From what you’ve seen or heard in the news, overall, do you think President Bush’s ‘surge’ plan increasing U.S. troops in Iraq has been a success or a failure?”

    Success Failure Unsure
    % % %
    ALL adults 22 64 14

    Comment by PA_Lady | July 17, 2007 | Reply

  8. do you realize, even with that poll, that’s 6% pts higher than what Americans think about our Democratic controlled Congress?

    Did you also see the the AP put out the story today that we captured the top al-Quida figure in Iraq? All why we debate on whether or not to go.

    fyi- I was looking at rasmussen report

    People believe the surge isn’t working bc Dems and the drive by media have told them it’s not. The surge just started on July 4th (full troop level), and it working well so far. Give it some time, that’s all the troops are asking for

    Comment by al66888 | July 18, 2007 | Reply

  9. How much more time? I mean, this thing was supposed to be a “cakewalk.” Remember. Then it was just 6 more months, then 6 more, then last throes, then turning the corner, then give it a little more time, etc, etc, etc, ad infinitum – as far as the Republicans are concerned.

    Bush likes to claim he’s listening to his commanders on the ground, but it sure doesn’t seem like he actually does. During the pre-war planning, the DoD recommended a huge force – 400,000, if I recall correctly. But no. Rumsfeld felt he knew better than experienced senior officers. “Rapid, mobile forces.”

    When Bush was considering an escalation, military commanders on the ground were recommending against it. But well, he knew better, didn’t he?

    We were supposed to have seen improvements by now, or don’t you remember his little speech announcing the escalation? Instead, we’ve seen a rise in the number of service members being killed – April, May, and June being the most deadly since Nov. 2003 – and the worst sectarian violence since the bombing of the Mosque of the Golden Dome in Samarra. But it’s “Wait till September” or “wait another Friedman” or “Give Petraeus a chance.”

    Sorry, but we’re not doing any good over there. None. Our troops are trying, but they’ve lost the “hearts and minds” and the Iraqi people and the Iraqi government have had enough, and want us out. If Bush wants to claim the “sovereignty” of the Iraqi government, then why not listen to them?

    Just for a minute, imagine what you would do, how you would react if another country – say China – did to the US what we’ve done to Iraq over the past 4.5 years? Is it any wonder that 80% of the people want us to leave their country? I mean, things are going so badly, the Iraqis believe they were better off under Saddam!

    Comment by PA_Lady | July 18, 2007 | Reply

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