The Lady Speaks

In Remembrance


Fallen Patriots

“Taps” drifting over carved marble stones.
Tiny flags standing in smart ranks like an honor guard
We come this day to remember those who fell
The youthful and the seasoned alike

Volunteer or conscripted, doesn’t matter which
Most did not a hero’s medal gain
Yet all were patriots for what they did
They went; they served and they died

Some realized glory, others saw their duty clear
Yet, not all dreamed a patriot’s dream
Or really understood their country’s call
But all knew well of fear and death

How shall we remember them?
By bugle strain or tear stained cheek?
Or by their bones that feed the grassy roots?
No! By the free air and soil they bought for us
At the highest price of all

But these are not alone
They have brothers and sisters
that do not sleep beneath the stones
Who also went and served
And stand now and remember

Young man, do not scoff at this remembrance
Rather, accept their gift.
They have given you the freedom to scoff if you want
But refrain and remember instead

And as you do, stand a little straighter
Turn your eyes to that banner fluttering yonder
On which they once gazed and still do
And sing the anthem loud,
For the courageous and strong have sung it before you
And were not timid in it.

Now, as you go from this hallowed place
Do not forget them that lie here
Or those that lie in places far distant
While their lives were lost,
Their gift of freedom lingers still.

David Lawson © April, 1998


May 26, 2007 - Posted by | America, Memorial Day, US Military, Veterans, War

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  1. Nice Poem
    Are freedoms really a privelige given by others…
    Even today in a Nation who is polarized by the recent war.
    We should stop and remember why we are able to voice
    are opinions…

    Comment by Cafe dog | May 26, 2007 | Reply

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