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When the Death Penalty Isn’t Enough

I read this article earlier today at, and literally threw up. Ever since, my brain hasn’t been able to let go. I can’t stop thinking about this little boy who was sodomized and killed and who was just six goddamned years old. A baby.

I keep asking myself, if these are the details the police and DA are willing to release in the indictment, what aren’t they telling?

I keep thinking that these were convicted sexual predators. *I keep thinking that this baby was raped by a father and son, and that the wife of the former watched and masturbated.  I keep thinking (and hoping) that there is a special circle of hell – perhaps the 22nd or 50th – for people like this.*

I keep thinking that sexual abuse of every stripe is happening to children every day across this nation, and that our laws are not enough to protect them.*

How many times do we have to hear about children being sexually abused and murdered by sickos that never should have been allowed back on the streets? I’m sick and tired of hearing about this one or that one who was allowed to victimize more children because they’d been paroled after serving only a few short years.

Our laws should be very simple: Hurt a child, go to jail forever.

The laws we have aren’t designed to protect all children. Some, yes, but not all.

Here’s what I would do, if I were President – or King, as we seem to have nowadays:

Law #1: People who sexually abuse a child should receive an automatic sentence of life in prison. No special sentences for first-time offenders (because it sure as hell isn’t the first time they’ve done it, just the first time they were caught.) No parole. No early release.

Law #1a: People who physically or mentally abuse their children get ONE chance to rehabilitate themselves. Parenting classes, counseling, family therapy, etc. should be provided by the state, but a second offense results in life imprisonment under Law #1.

Law #2: People who kill their own children should receive an automatic sentence of life in prison without possibility of parole. They should be housed in a cell with every wall covered in pictures of their child, and the photos should be behind bullet-proof glass, so the killer parent(s) can’t remove or deface the pictures. Above each montage, there should be a painted caption that reads, “You destroyed this life.”

Law #2a: The only exemptions will be those who are mentally incompetent to stand trial. They’ll be sent to mental institutions for life, unless later found to be competent – then they’ll be sent to prison under Law #2.

Law #3: Anyone who kills a child after committing any type of sexual assault deserves a public castration with a rusty knife (and possibly a fork or other sharp, pointy utensil) by the parents of that child – unless and except if said parents are involved in the sexual abuse/assaults. (ie: A mother who allows her boyfriend to molest her child would not be allowed to castrate said boyfriend if he kills that child. Instead, she would be sentenced under law #2.)

After castration, the sick, disgusting pervert would be strapped to a post in front of the county courthouse and all residents of the county would be allowed to jab him/her/it with sharp objects. (Not in the eyes, though.) However, said sharp objects must not have the capability to kill said pervert. Just cause pain.

Then the pervert should be remanded to a state prison, and simply set amongst the population. Not only will that greatly decrease his/her term without allowing him/her to wander freely amongst decent human beings, but it will save the states money that could be spent on education.

* – Sentences between asterisks added on 3/23/07, 1:45am


March 22, 2007 - Posted by | America, Children, Courts, Family, Government, Law Enforcement, Pedophiles


  1. It is my belief that when you die, you must experience all the emotions and feelings of those you have ill treated during your life has they felt them. I speculate hell is a place where some would rather dwell in darkness then face and feel the pain they have inflicted. I expect they will get whats coming to them in this life or the next. The awful sad part, many of the pedophiles of tomorrow are the innocent little boys and girls being molested tonight even as we curse the monsters some of them will grow up to become if the cycle is not broken.

    Comment by psburton | March 23, 2007 | Reply

  2. I believe that as well, that what comes around goes around eventually.

    And, truthfully, I do not care if they were abused themselves as children. Many, many abused children grow up into normal, decent human beings who do not abuse children. Which is why I believe that those who choose to violate a child, even if they were themselves violated, should suffer before this life ends.

    Comment by PA_Lady | March 23, 2007 | Reply

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