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The Big Dick Has Another Close Call

Has anyone ever so embodied the T-shirt phrase, “God doesn’t want me, and the devil’s afraid I’ll take over.” as much as Dick Cheney?

I mean, just how many close calls is this guy gonna get? He’s had how many heart attacks? Plus a near-bombing, plus DVT (which, thanks to the morons of the MSM, we’ve all heard waaaayyy too much about!). He’s got a pacemaker. He’s overweight.

I feel like Willow fighting the resurrected Natives during the very-special Thanksgiving episode of Buffy: “Why. Won’t. You. Die?

[Note to the Secret Service: NO – I’m not advocating Dick’s death by anything other than natural causes, in his sleep, when he’s a very old man. Since he’s a very old man already, I’m assuming he already spends much of his time sleeping in his super-double-secret hidey-hole, so nature will – at some point – do her thing.

What I don’t want is for some nut to assassinate him in the mistaken belief that it would somehow “fix” things. For one, violence is the wrong way to solve a problem. (Something Dick wouldn’t understand, I’m sure.) Secondly, Georgie McFlightSuit (or his merry band of puppeteers) would find a way to use it to declare martial law and become dictator-in-chief. But mostly because…well, can you imagine the media coverage of such a thing?!

It’ll be 24/7 views of correspondents standing outside buildings, knowing nothing, saying nothing of value, while “experts” discuss everything from the funeral to how the nutjob’s last bowel movement may have contributed to the assassination. One thing for sure, it would give Sean Hannity something substantial to talk about instead of the lies and half-truths and distorted “facts” he usually spouts during his moments of verbal diarrhea.]

It’s annoying, in an evil-incarnate kind of way. The Big Dick lives forever and ever, and beautiful, wonderful, amazing people like my brother-in-law are diagnosed with brain cancer and die within months of diagnosis, but not before their bodies are traumatized and distorted by the fight against the disease.

Beautiful wonderful, amazing babies will be tucked into their beds by loving parents, but will not wake up in the morning. Beautiful, exasperating, amazing teenagers will do something stupid and their lives will end in a flash of high speed or a blur of alcohol poisoning.

It’s the unfairness of it all. Every day, millions who did nothing more than bring joy to those around them – in ways large and small – are taken from this life, and a man who brought nothing but death and destruction and hatred to the world lives on.

I believe in karma. I believe in doing unto others. And, because of those beliefs, I know that one day – perhaps soon – Dick Cheney will reap all that he’s sown. I want him to know the pain he’s inflicted. I want him to feel the responsibility he bears for the deaths of thousands of American soldiers and the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis. I want him to face justice and know fear in his heart.

I’d prefer he was alive and in the Hague when that happens.


March 5, 2007 - Posted by | America, Bush, Cheney, Health, Whacko Nut Cases, White House


  1. Makes one long for the old days when a V-P attended Ship Chritenings, and Pounded his Gavel in the Senate, and prayed the President would die so he could take over.
    How did the V-P get this much power. It used to be, he is just a Hearbeat away from the Presidency, now it is at best, a Co-Presidency, and at worst, G.W. is a puppet, and Dick the Demon is really the master.
    Yes, I would like to see him and G.W. dance at the Hague. Where they will receive the respect and dignity of a real court.
    Won’t happen, but one can dream.

    Comment by mom | March 6, 2007 | Reply

  2. Wow, imagine if Bush died and Cheney Took Over…OUCH

    Comment by WinneconneKF | March 7, 2007 | Reply

  3. Uh-oh! Now we’ll have to perform the sacred “No NO NOOO!” dance in order to break the jinx you’ve put on us! *grin*

    Comment by PA_Lady | March 9, 2007 | Reply

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