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Weather Update:

The snow finally ended around ten-ish last night. Now we’re dealing with subzero windchills and knee-deep snow. As if all that weren’t bad enough, the kiddies are home for a second day, and it’s too cold for them to play outside. Oh, the joy.

House of Representatives Wingnuttery:

Some Texas Representative, from the previously-mentioned Dumbf*ckistan, compared the Iraq quagmire to the Tiananmen Square massacre.

Ummm. The Tiananmen Square massacre occurred because the United States refused to aid those protesting for democracy because BushI knew it wasn’t in the best interests of the manufacturers of America – the same people making multi-millions now as American workers struggle to provide for their families as jobs leave for China, Mexico, and all the other places where human labor is cheap and exploitable – to confront China’s leadership and assist those fighting for freedom.

Another Dumbf*ckistanian keeps with the talking points, that we’re damaging the morale of the military, that we’re “emboldening” the enemy, that we’re not giving our troops the chance to win.

Yeah, we’ve done such a good job of allowing them to succeed so far… We’ve done such a good job of helping them complete their mission…whatever the hell that mission is now. (I’ve lost count of the mission flip-flops. WMDs…Saddam….freedom….Constitution….democracy….insurgents….stabilizing….?)

Oh, a special from Rep. Pete Roskam – attacking all Muslims. (Do I even have to mention he’s a Republican?) If we retreat, Iran will attack. Al-Qaeda will attack. FEAR FEAR!! ACCCCKKKK! You can almost see this guy wetting his pants right there on the House floor.

Thank heavens! A sanity break from Rep. Nina Lowry (D-NY10 ).

Well, it was good while it lasted. Some Dumbf*ckistanian from Idaho is busy telling us the House’s resolution will lower El Pollo Loco’s standing with the world.

Can’t. Stop. Laughing.

Oh look! A turncoat Rep. Candice Miller of Michigan joins with Sen. “Rape Gurney” in sucking up to El Presidente! She’s voting no on the Resolution, and recommends overwhelming force in Iraq.

Great. Look for her on the talking head shows within the next few weeks.

Rep. Virgil Goode of Virginia sounds like a half-mad brimstone-and-hellfire preacher. Freaking – and I mean “fuh-reeking” as my daughter says – over the idea that if we leave Iraq, the crescent and star will fly over the White House! They’ll get rid of “In God We Trust!!!” ACCCKKKK!! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!!! He also doesn’t want the Secretary of State to allow refugees from Iraq into the country because the terrorists will come in too and attack us again/more/harder. He also claims the 9/11 terrorists were ilegal immigrants. (Ummm….I could be wrong, but didn’t they all come in the legal way, despite a couple being on the terrorist watch list?)

Okay, I definitely need to take a break from this loony-tunes babble.

The Economy’s Going Great:

From The Blue Herald comes news that Hershey Foods is joining the long list of companies moving operations out of the United States.

Hershey Co., the largest U.S. candy maker, will close more than a third of its assembly lines and eliminate 12 percent of its workforce after sales fell for the first time in 3 1/2 years.

The maker of Hershey’s Kisses and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups will cut 1,500 jobs over the next three years and start production at a new factory in Monterrey, Mexico. The reductions will cost as much as $575 million before taxes, the Hershey, Pennsylvania-based company said in a statement today.

Hershey lost market share last year to Mars Inc., the maker of Snickers, and last month reported a fourth-quarter sales decline of 0.7 percent.

“Hershey is under intense pressure,’’ said Marvin Roffman of Roffman Miller Associates in Philadelphia, who follows Hershey and manages more than $410 million in assets. “If your costs are squeezing you, you have to find ways to save money.’’

Hershey expects the reductions to save it $170 million to $190 million annually by 2010. The company estimates $300 million of the expenses will occur this year. Hershey will close some factories, spokesman Kirk Saville said. He declined to be more specific.

And: The Labor Department reports that the number of newly laid off workers filing claims for unemployment benefits jumped by 44,000 last week, the biggest gain in 17 months.

Cool News:

Firedoglake has two great write-ups in the MSM regarding it’s Libby trial coverage! One in today’s NY Times, on the team coverage of the Libby trial:

Even the Web-savvy may ask, Fire dog what? A collective of liberal bloggers, fueled by online donations and a fanatical devotion to the intricacies of the Libby case, Firedoglake has offered intensive trial coverage, using some six contributors in rotation. They include a former prosecutor, a current defense lawyer, a Ph.D. business consultant and a movie producer, all of whom lodge at a Washington apartment rented for the duration of the trial.

All day long during the trial, one Firedoglake blogger is on duty to beam to the Web from the courthouse media room a rough, real-time transcript of the testimony. With no audio or video feed permitted, the Firedoglake “live blog” has offered the fullest, fastest public report available. Many mainstream journalists use it to check on the trial.

The other an interview of Jane in the 2/13 edition of US News & World Report.

This week, however, Hamsher, 47, can be found in the credentialed press rows of Judge Reggie Walton’s federal courtroom in Washington, pursuing her latest passion as the liberal blogger covering the Lewis “Scooter” Libby perjury and obstruction-of-justice trial.

She is among a handful of bloggers who finally won the right to cover a federal trial as part of the horde of credentialed media. And Hamsher has drawn the most attention, in part for her association with Arianna Huffington–Hamsher writes for her friend’s popular blog–but also for firedoglake’s dogged coverage of the case, its pointed media criticism, and its live blogging of the trial.

Way to go, FDL!


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