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Busy, busy, busy…

Sorry about not posting anything new recently. Apparently my multi-tasking gland has quit, because it’s impossible to list things on Ebay, keep up-to-date on the live-blogging of the Libby trial over at FDL, pay attention to the kids and the house, AND actually write something besides a grocery list. Which reminds me…we’re out of shampoo. (Just how, exactly, can three people go through one bottle of shampoo and one of conditioner in a week??!)

On top of all that, I’m looking for a new home, trying to figure out what goes with us and what should go to the landfill, getting boxes, nagging the son to look for his own place and – please, for the love of Mike – learn how to do his own laundry, nagging the daughter to get her grades up and – please, for the love of Pete – learn to clean her room, scheduling parent-teacher conferences in reference to the afore-mentioned grades, waiting for the W2s to get here and collecting all the other needed tax info, and trying to remember to get groceries.

And shampoo.

I’ll likely be in and out for the next month, but I’ll try to post something – even if it’s just a quick “Hi” – every couple days to let you know I’m still alive.


January 30, 2007 - Posted by | Children, Family, Life

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