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9/11 Death Toll Passed

It’s more or less official: The 9/11 death toll has been surpassed by deaths of American soldiers in Iraq.

So far this month, 90 US servicemembers have died in Iraq.

One devastating act of terror.

One continuing devastation.

While the right-wing continues to use 9/11 as a justification for the war in Iraq – despite the well-known fact that Saddam had no ties to Al-Qaida – the death toll for Iraqis is anywhere from 50,000 to 650,000, depending on who’s doing the counting. (Or not counting, in the case of the Pentagon and Bush misAdministration.)

According to recent statistics, an approximate 100 Iraqis are killed or found dead every day.

What is 30 days times 100 deaths? 3000 deaths a month, give or take a few.

Think about that: A 9/11 every month in a country with a population that was roughly 1/12th our own, based on an estimated population count. (CIA World Factbook – last updated 17 May 2005)

How in the world are the Iraqis – be they Sunni or Shi’a – supposed to care about schools being painted when they’re afraid to send their children to these schools that are in poor condition anyway, thanks to ‘Friends of Bush’ corporations.

Billions of dollars were supposedly spent for rehabilitating schools that were severely bombed by US planes during the 2003 invasion. However, the quality of work by foreign contractors, such as Bechtel Corporation, and their sub-contractors was so poor that thousands of schools across the country remain in a state of disrepair.

Most of the money was spent on repainting and supplying the schools with cheap equipment that has not stood for long.


Last month, the Ministry of Education released statistics which indicated that only 30% of Iraq’s 3.5 million students were attending classes. This is less than half the number from the previous year, which, according to the Britain-based non-governmental organization Save the Children, was 75% attendance.

Do you think Americans would want the media to tell us about schools if 3000 Americans were being killed – usually after being tortured – every month?

The Iraqi death toll hit a record high in October, with more than 3,700 people losing their lives in the ongoing violence, according to a UN report.

The majority of the 3,709 people who died were killed in sectarian attacks – nearly 200 more than in the previous record month of July.

Would you want the media to ignore the 50 or so bodies a day being found if they were being dumped on the streets of America?

Police said 52 bullet-riddled bodies were found Wednesday, with 20 of them blindfolded, tied up and possibly tortured.

Police also discovered 29 bodies on Tuesday and 60 on Monday.


The report said 7,054 civilians were killed violently in September and October in Iraq, with almost 5,000 in Baghdad alone — most of them shot to death and showing signs of torture.

Would you want the media to ignore the deaths of 12,000 police since 2003, if those police were American?

The interior minister said 12,000 police officers have been killed since March 2003 – one death for every 16 officers.

Would you want the media to ignore the US Department of Education being attacked and its workers kidnapped?

The kidnapping, by gunmen wearing Iraqi police commando uniforms and driving more than 20 vehicles with Interior Ministry markings, was similar in style to several other mass abductions this year.

Tell the right-wing that it’s time to shut up about the ‘good news in Iraq’. There is no good news in Iraq. Not when violence and death are committed on this scale.


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