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Paris Hilton…Abstinence Princess?

Paris says, “Sex is sacred.”

Ummm…isn’t that like PepsiCo announcing milk is good for you?

From Jeanette Walls,

When asked by a reporter how long it’s been since she’s had sex, Hilton said, “About six or seven months, I think. I don’t care,” reports the London Mirror. …


… “Sex is sacred. People shouldn’t have sex unless they’re in an exclusive relationship anyway. I’d rather not do anything. Guys want you more when you don’t do it! Young girls should know that.”

Paris Hilton, the new pin-up girl for abstinence?! It can only mean one thing: the Rapturists are right, and it is the end-of-days.


December 18, 2006 - Posted by | America, Celebrity, Fun, Sex


  1. Hehe, Paris Hilton and abstinence in one sentence.
    Paris Hilton on herself is already a joke.
    Thank God I that she isn’t from Europe because I would be highly ashamed. 😉

    Comment by AngeluS | December 19, 2006 | Reply

  2. 🙂 Maybe that’s why she’s quit having sex? She realized she was a laughingstock in most countries around the world.


    Comment by PA_Lady | December 19, 2006 | Reply

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