The Lady Speaks

No Kidding….

Things learned from the US Census Report and industry groups.

Americans are fat. Two-thirds are overweight, and one-third of those are obese.

Is this a shock to anyone?? Walk into any store, anywhere in the US and fat people outnumber thin by a huge margin. (No pun intended.) And it seems like there’s fewer and fewer people who are just ‘pudgy’. They’re either ‘normal’ or they’re fat.

Also not surprising:

Americans are TV junkies. We’ll spend an average of 4.5 hours a day – or 1555 minutes in all – watching TV in 2006. This could explain why two-thirds of us are fat.

What we need now is a poll that shows us how many of the first group are watching FOX News….

I’m willing to bet there’s a stunning correlation.


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