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The Can’t Decide

El Commandante……His Imperial Majesty…the President says he’s not going to rush in making a decision on Iraq. I think his actual words were something like, “So what? I don’t know, and I don’t care. I wanna do it my way,and I’m not listening to anyone else ‘cuz I’m the Decidererer, and I know better than anyone ‘even if they’re smart. Smart people don’t know nothin’. Nyah-nyah-nah boo-boo.

Which, I suppose makes sense. After all, it’s not like there’s lives on the line or anything….


Gunmen in military uniforms kidnapped dozens of people Thursday from a commercial area in central Baghdad.

The attackers drove up to the busy al-Sanak area in about 10 SUVs and began rounding up shop owners and bystanders. Two police officers said 50 to 70 people were abducted.

The assault came nearly a month after gunmen in Interior Ministry commando uniforms abducted scores of men from a Higher Education Ministry office building.


Mohammed Qassim Jassim, a 37-year-old owner of a clothes store in the area, said the attack started about 11 a.m.

“We heard cars and shootings in the area and then we saw gunmen wearing Iraqi army uniforms and driving SUVs who were snatching people from the shops and street. It took like 20 minutes for them to fan out and control the area.”


A car bomb exploded near a crowded bus stop in eastern Baghdad during morning rush hour on Wednesday, killing 11 people and wounding 27 in a mostly Shiite area, police said.

In northern Iraq, two suicide car bombers attacked an Iraqi army base, killing four soldiers and wounding 10, an officer said.

From Newsweek:

Dec. 11, 2006: Three years and nine months after the U.S.-led Coalition began its war against Saddam Hussein, researchers have quietly recorded another grim milestone in the cost of the conflict. American military casualties have now exceeded 25,000. Almost 3,000 U.S. soldiers are dead; 22,000 are injured. Some 245 other Coalition soldiers–mostly Brits–have also died, as well as at least 50,000 Iraqi civilians. [emphasis mine]

Take your time, George. Maybe you could have one of your flunkies do a PowerPoint presentation of the ISG’s report. They could show you little graphs so you could understand that most Americans (70%) are sick of you and your war. Two-thirds of us think the military has done all it can. 

They could throw in the photos of the 2437 men and women who’ve died because of you and your idiocy. 53% of us believe there is no obligation to the dead that requires us to allow the deaths of even more troops.

Here’s a thought: Listen to the people who are telling you that, whatever great and golden goalpost you’re aiming for, you’ve screwed the pooch so badly that nothing you decide is going to make the least bit of difference and FOLLOW THEIR ADVICE.


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