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Good news, good news

My daughter is doing great. We’ll know for certain after the CT scan on Tuesday, but it looks like the problem is nothing more than migraines.

Not that I’m downplaying migraines, because these are killer headaches that leave my daughter sobbing in agony. But, considering all the nightmare scenarios that have been spinning through my head the past few weeks, I am grateful the problem is “only” migraines. Migraines will not kill you. Migraines are treatable.

I learned one truly frightening thing on our first visit to the neurologist: my daughter could have had a stroke as a result of taking Imitrex, because she (most likely) suffers from ‘hemiplegic’ migraines. Thankfully, the nurse-practitioner we’ve seen since ‘MollieMae’ was four referred us to the neurologist rather than simply increasing the dosage.

So, a warning to other migraine sufferers: DO NOT take Imitrex (or medications in the sumatriptan family) if you experience numbness as part of your migraine symptoms!

She was put on a daily med that would prevent the migraines from occuring – or from occurring so frequently – but she had a bit of bad reaction to it, so the neuro-doc switched her to another one. We won’t know how that affects her until this weekend because — Bragging Mom Alert — tonight is her County Chorus concert, and I didn’t want her to take something that would leave her unable to function. As she’s one of only six choral students selected to represent her junior high, I couldn’t risk ruining her big moment.

Anyway, just wanted to let those who were interested know that all is well.


December 1, 2006 - Posted by | Children, Family

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