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I’m going to be in and out this week (as you’ve probably noticed already.) My daughter’s being checked by brain docs from here to there, and naturally, my presence is required.

Not to worry though; it doesn’t appear to be anything life-threatening, or even serious. There’s two or three possibilities and all are controllable with meds. The biggest problem is pin-pointing the exact problem and then finding the right medication.

Do the clicky-clicky!

Bush to meet with al-Maliki, in Jordan….because things are going so well in Iraq?

Meanwhile, a judge in California struck down part of Chimpy McFlightSuit’s anti-terror order.

Bob Geiger asks if the blogging wingnuts will apologize for (gasp!) being wrong about the AP story of six Sunnis being set aflame by Shias while the Iraqi military stood by.

TRex wishes you a ‘Merry Christianists.’

Jesus’ General reviews the children’s book, “Hot House Flowers” – a touching story of a hot house invaded by dandelions, and how the hot house flowers learned never to let undesirables in. For the Republican on your holiday…Christmas list.

At Bring It On, jerseymcjones tell us some people don’t like ‘Happy Feet’.

Jimmy Carter calls Iraq “one of the greatest blunders that American Presidents have ever made.”

Senator-elect James Webb was tempted to slug Commander Codpiece at a White House reception.  He’s definitely ‘not ready to make nice.’

Buck at the Blue Herald has ‘A Bit of Sanity in a Tub of Pure Evil’.


November 29, 2006 - Posted by | Bush, Children, Family, Iran, Iraq, Middle East, War, White House

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  1. Good link lineup…they’ll keep us entertained while you are busy.
    Please tell us soon how your daughter is!

    Comment by mirth | November 30, 2006 | Reply

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