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I couldn't find a better title for this post that the one Christy used for hers at Firedoglake, which you can read here.

The two missing American soldiers have reportedly been found dead, and, according to an Iraqi general, their bodies show evidence of having undergone torture before being "barbarically" killed. What this means exactly is unknown.

I can't even begin to talk about this, especially after learning earlier today that a lifelong friend of my brother's – a man I've known since he and my brother stole my eyeliner at age 12 to emulate their favorite band (Motley Crue) – was killed in a freak accident as he left work yesterday evening.

I'm busy getting my home ready to host my step-sister's Sweet 16 party tonight, and I can't stop crying. Crying for a boy I knew, and two boys I didn't. Crying for the shattering heartbreak all three of their families are going through right now.

I expect we will soon hear threats of retaliation and the like from the White House, even as they blatantly ignore the hypocrisy of condemning the torture of American soldiers while other American soldiers are committing acts of torture.

I expect we will once again hear that we can't leave Iraq because – in their twisted, corrupt logic – allowing more young men and women to die will somehow give these deaths meaning.

For the past several days, Christy has been asking FDL's readers, "Had enough?"

I have grieved for a nation so wrapped up in patriotic fervor and divisive rhetoric that it allowed these deaths and every other death in this war – American and Iraqi – to occur; one that allowed 225 years of Constitutionally-guaranteed freedoms to be eroded and forgotten even as the administration told us we were bringing those same freedoms to Iraq.

I echo her sorrow at the loss of more lives in a pre-emptive war, based on this administration's lies, that sent ill-prepared children into a situation they didn't want to see.

And I most certainly echo her absolute fury at this administration:

Yes, I have damn well had enough.

Pass the candle around the blogosphere. Light up the dark corners where this administration hides its dirty work, and tell your Congressional Representatives it's time to bring our troops home.


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