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Yeah, I’m Alive…

Had to take a little time off, first to get over a nasty stomach bug and then to take care of some personal business of the financial nature.

A few interesting things happened to me this week, mostly as a result of reading blogs. Seems there's a serious attack on the anonymity of lefty bloggers. The first one I read about was Thersites. Then Armando from DailyKos. While I am nowhere near close in terms of the intelligence or the readership of those two, this wave of outings had a serious effect on me…and my sleep. Lately, writing a blog is like running for President: every little corner of your life might be searched and any dirty (or semi-gray) laundry be dragged out.

The outing of Thersites and NYMary hit a little close to home – literally. It turns out they live and work less than 45 minutes' drive west of me.

So, I've spent most of the last week sick and having some pretty scary nightmares – like black-clad soldiers in black tanks rolling into my town and then searching out all those who've ever spoken out against the Bush mis-administration. Like, having to smuggle myself and my kids, and my extended family, out of town and out of the country because of the danger my "activities" put them in. (Note – reading Sinclair Lewis' "It Can't Happen Here" probably did not help.)

Yes, obviously a seriously over-the-top scenario, but what can I say? Most nightmares are over-the-top.

Still, they got me to thinking: What could anyone from "the other side" say in an effort to discredit me? What would I not want people in the blogosphere to know? What do I not want my neighbors and the rest of the townsfolk to know?

There's a wide variety of reasons why many of us – small and large – blog anonymously. Part of it is to express our opinions without having to create disharmony in our extended families. (I have a few Southern, Bush-supporting relatives who would probably start WWIII on our family website if they knew I was anti-BushCo.)

Part of it is worrying about the locals TP'ing our homes, egging our cars, and taunting our children. Another part is to keep the crazies away from our homes, workplaces, etc. I mean, I live near a guy who put a "Thank God" sign on his Bush/Cheney sign after the last election. He's still a hard-core supporter. He also sweeps the road in front of his house – well, the gutters – every day. Do I really want him knowing that I'm "talking bad about the President"? Uh…not really!

Another is wanting to express our opinions as formed by our personal circumstances, without having to justify them to the world. I can't express an opinon of the economy based on economic theory. I can only tell you how I see things from my vantage point. Everyone who blogs – right or left – does so from their own perspective on the world.

As a blogger, I'm no Christy Hardin-Smith or John Amato or Arianna Huffington. I'm barely a blip in the blogosphere. I'm no one. As a resident in my little bitty, population-6000 town, I'm no one.

When I post something, my words are based solely on how I see things from way down here at the bottom of the pit that's below the bottom of the ladder.

People who read an anonymous blog rarely know what the blogger looks like or their personal circumstances, so we're often given a bit more respect than we would get if we were saying the same things in public – even a supportive public in complete agreement with our words.

I guess if the black tanks and helicopters show up, I'll deal with it. Same goes for anyone who decides to share my personal information with the world.

In the meantime, I'm just going to keep telling you how I see things.


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