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Somebody’s scared….

You just know that if Republicans are questioning something that happened to a Democrat, the world has either tipped over on its axis…or they're scared of it happening to them. 

From the Associated Press:

The FBI’s weekend search of the House office of a Louisiana Democrat under investigation for bribery may have overstepped constitutional boundaries, House leaders said as the congressman under investigation pledged to stay in office.

House Majority Leader John Boehner of Ohio told reporters Tuesday that the Congress will somehow speak to “this issue of the Justice Department’s invasion of the legislative branch. In what form, I don’t know.”


House Speaker Dennis Hastert said the Justice Department had never before crossed a line that separates Congress from the executive branch by searching a congressional office while investigating a member of Congress.

Can you smell the fear? Obviously the last thing the Party of Corruption wants – especially those already under investigation – is for the FBI to go wandering around their offices.

Someone needs to explain to these unpatriotic unAmericans that we're at war! We were attacked on 9/11, and we have to do whatever we can to fight the terrorists, even when we aren't actually targeting terrrorists. 

And, by the way, isn't it nice of Alberto Gonzalez to offer a little 'Don't worry, my good buddies'? 

 Attorney General Alberto Gonzales said Tuesday he understood the concerns of some members of Congress about the search and said he was working with lawmakers as to how to handle the investigation.

“We’re in discussion privately about what can be done to alleviate the concerns,” Gonzales said at a Justice Department news conference. “I … and the department have a great deal of respect for the Congress as a coequal branch of government … and obviously are sensitive to their concerns. We are working to address those concerns. We have discussions with the House. Those began last night.”

Awww…Attorney General "Torture is legal, and George can do what he wants" Gonzalez respects Congress as "a coequal branch of government". 

Steny Hoyer on the other hand seems to think that Gonzalez and his department might just – maybe- respect Republicans just a little more.

House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer, D-Md., said the raid raises questions about why the Justice Department raided the offices of a Democrat but not Republican lawmakers under investigation. “It certainly has been disparate treatment,” he said.


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