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Me loves FirstEnergy…not

Yesterday was one of those days, and today's going to be another one.

I think my electric company is trying to give us a taste of life in Iraq – minus the bombings, kidnappings, and random death squads, of course. We're having random power outages with short breaks of half-power. The lovely CSR I spoke to has no information about the problem or how long it will be before full power is restored.

Luckily, I have a battery back-up system for my computer, which is how I managed to save the report I was working on. If only I'd thought to write the blog post on WordPerfect, too!

At the same time, we have no running water, thanks to sewer construction on my street. Oh, the joy….

Anyway, since I don't have time to write, do the 'clicky-clicky" on the links below:

At FireDogLake, Jane has "Krugman Completes the Daou Triangle" while Christy has "A Whole New Meaning for Cold, Hard Cash".

At the Washington Post, Ellen Knickmeyer has a heart-breaking article about an Iraqi mother, and how the search for one son led to the disappearance of the other. Read "An Iraqi Mother's Most Dreaded Mission". (For those who aren't on the NSA hit list and want to stay that way, use rpm_mom (at) yahoo (dot) com, p/w: 12345)

For fun, check out this article, also in the WaPo, on one of my favorite vacation spots, Ocean City MD. The kiddies and I usually rough it at Assateague Island, but going into OC is always one of the highlights of the trip.


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