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Ned Lamont – Veni, Vedi, Vici

He came, he saw, he conquered – the Democratic party establishment.

No, he didn't 'win' but by gaining a full one-third of the vote, and thus a spot on the ballot in August, Ned Lamont has just shown the Democratic party big-wigs that listening to the people and standing up for what one believes in is more than just speech filler. The people are listening to Lamont and other challengers because they know the party is not listening to us.

Most estimates prior to the convention had Lamont winning lessing than the 15% needed to be on the ballot. Conventional wisdom said there was no way an unknown – without a huge warchest and with 'only' netroots support – could ever seriously challenge Joe Lieberman.

Joe Lieberman, a man who tells rape victims that it's 'only' a short ride to another hospital for emergency contraception, who voted to put Strip-Search Sammy on the bench, who votes against his party and sides over and over again with the corrupt Republican monolith, was supremely confident that he'd twisted enough arms, made enough deals, and feathered enough nests to make sure Ned's name would never be seen again.

But what Joe forgot was the 'little' people – the ones with no real power, no real voice. He ignored those who couldn't do anything for him, and it came back to bite him.

Here's my favorite tidbits from the convention conversation at FDL:

Fairfield “realizing that our country and Sean Hannity’s favorite Democrat is going in the wrong direction” goes 18-6 Lamont.

"We asked for a visit from Lieberman in February and we’re still waiting for a call back. Southbury proudly casts 5 votes for Ned Lamont."

As I pointed out in the previous post, the voters are tired of being ignored. We're tired of Schumer, Clinton, Emmanuel, etc telling us how we ought to feel. We're tired of them following politely – and two steps behind – the Rubber-Stamp Republicans. We're tired that none of them has the spine to speak up. We're tired of being figuratively patted on the head and told not to worry about any of that 'grown-up' stuff when we question their stance on Iraq, the deficit, lying, spying, bribes, and so much more.

As the Connecticut Democratic Convention just showed, the Democratic party big-wigs can ignore bloggers and activists…at their own peril. The voices of the American people have been gaining strength over the past 6 years, and now the activists in the netroots and the grassroots are asking the Democrats one thing:

"Can you hear me now?" 


May 20, 2006 - Posted by | Connecticut, Democrats, DINOs, Government, Politics, Voting

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