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Disapproval = Unsettled?!

Our Fearless Leader proves once again that English really isn't his first language.

From Crooks and Liars:

David brought up the Nixon parallel to Bush yesterday while talking about the Border issue. To Bush, disapproval means unsettled. Surprisingly, he then blamed the media:


GREGORY: … why do you think that is?

BUSH: Because we're at war, and war unsettles people. We got-listen, we've got a great economy. We've added 5.2 million jobs in the last two-and-a-half years. But there's a-but people are unsettled. They don‘t look at the economy and say life is good. They know we're at war and I'm not surprised that people are unsettled because of war.

The enemy has got a powerful tool, and that is to get on your TV screen by killing innocent people, and my job is to continue to remind the people it's worth it. We're not going to retreat hastily. You know, we're not going to pull out of there before the job is done and we‘ve got a plan for victory.

GREGORY: But they're just not unsettled, sir. They disapprove of the job you‘re doing.

BUSH: That's unsettled. [emphasis mine]

I would have given anything – possibly even my first-born son – if David Gregory had said, "Sir, they aren't unsettled. They hate your guts. Seventy-one percent of Americans think you have screwed this country up royally – not to mention Iraq – and would like you drawn and quartered in a public ceremony on the National Mall."


May 19, 2006 - Posted by | Bush, Congress, Constitution, Culture of Corruption, Government, Illegal Immigration, Impeachment, Iraq, Politics, Republicans, War, White House

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