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Activists ‘Punishing their own’

Aside from the writing of the article, which implies progressives are being unreasonable, this is just one more example proving that the Powers-That-Be in the Democratic Party just don't get it.

Bloggers and others can talk until they're blue in the face, but in the end, the PTB will continue feeding each other the same bullshit while standing in the same echo chamber. They don't want to hear what we're saying, and they don't want to know anything that contradicts their own limited view of the world – which is restricted to DC.

From Common Dreams: [all emphasis mine]

Democratic activist groups that mounted an aggressive campaign against President George W. Bush in the 2004 election have a new target: Democrats who support his policies.

A loose network of organizations, ranging from women's groups to Internet bloggers, is pressuring incumbents such as Senator Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut and Representatives Jane Harman of California and Melissa Bean of Illinois, in some cases by backing insurgent candidates in primary elections.

The groups charge that these and other Democrats have been too supportive of Bush on issues like Iraq and trade, and say they're trying to energize voters disillusioned with a party that has failed to draw clear distinctions with Republicans.

With Democrats holding a wide advantage in public-opinion polls six months before the congressional elections, the party must define its identity, said David Sirota, a Democratic activist.

“If Democrats are really about to get into power, now's the time to let them know what they need to be for,'' said Sirota, who wrote “Hostile Takeover,'' a book about political corruption.

The organizations and Web logs that identify themselves as the party's ``progressive'' wing include, a coalition of groups that raised $60 million and enlisted 100,000 volunteers in the 2004 elections; DailyKos, a blog that averages 20 million visitors a month; and Democracy for America, a political action committee with 500 affiliates.

Lovely use of 'insurgent' as a descriptor – thus ensuring readers identify progressive candidates with terrorists. Also, note the use of quotes around progressive, creating the impression that progressive is just another word for… guessed it…….ultra-liberal.

Ed Kilgore, vice president for policy of the Democratic Leadership Council — a Washington-based group that says it represents the party's “vital center'' — cautions that the primary challenges risk undermining the Democratic Party just as it may be poised to regain control of Congress.

“At a time when we're desperately trying to take back Congress and win a majority of governorships, I'm not sure it makes a whole lot of sense for Democrats nationally to be wasting money on primary challenges,'' Kilgore said.

Yo, Ed. Wake up and smell the coffee! This isn't about wasting money. This is about the fact that YOU and nearly every other Democrat or advisor or policy wonk doesn't seem to understand that the voters want YOU and your PARTY to take a stand.

We're sending a message here: LISTEN to – and STAND UP for – your constituents or GET OUT OF THE WAY and let someone else do the job.

``The other part of this is getting candidates to stand up for what they believe in and not being mealy-mouthed about it,'' said Jim Dean, president of Democracy for America, a group inspired by former Vermont Governor Howard Dean's presidential run in 2004. Jim Dean, Howard's brother, cited Massachusetts Senator John Kerry's call in October for a phased withdrawal from Iraq and expression of regret over his vote for the war.

That's what it's all about, Ed.

Had the Democratic incumbents grown some spines before now, had they stood up to El Jefe and the Republican Rubber-Stamp Congress, had they supported their own members – Russ Feingold, Jack Murtha, John Kerry – when they took a stand, then we might have allowed them to keep their jobs.

Instead, they ignored us, they played nice with the other side on every issue, and they continue acting like Republican-lites.

So now….game on.

Got it?


May 19, 2006 - Posted by | Congress, Culture of Corruption, Democrats, DINOs, Government, Politics, White House

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