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And the results are….

With all the poll work yesterday – and all the recovery today – I never did get a chance to check the results of any races I cared about.


I’m less than thrilled to see that State Rep. Tina Pickett (PA-110th) won her party’s vote – and the write-in votes of many Democrats. (Talk about voting against your own interests! *sigh*) She did not get my vote because – regardless of all that she’s done for me or my family members – she not only voted for the triple-damned pay raise, she had the nerve to tell her constituents that she deserved it because she ‘worked hard’. As if they didn’t! She also planned to collect the difference as ‘unvouchered expenses’ until public fury reached fever pitch.

She will face a Democratic challenger in November, and I can only hope the result of that race sees the end of Tina Pickett, State Rep.


Also less than thrilled to see Democrats went for a name in Bob Casey, Jr., picking him as the Democratic candidate against Sen. Rick Santorum. We can only hope that, when Holy Joe loses in CT, BobbyBoy won’t step up to become ‘Bush’s Favorite Democrat’.


Sherwood also won his primary bid against unknown Kathy Scott, and will face Democrat Chris Carney in November. From James Lowenstein, via The Daily Review:

“Pennsylvania voters have sent a message that they want more from their representatives in government,” Sherwood said. “I got the message.”

Sherwood said he was hurt by a broader anti-incumbency movement in Pennsylvania and last year’s disclosure that he had afive-year extramarital affair. The affair ended in September 2004.

His mistress, 30-year-old Cynthia Ore of Maryland, later sued Sherwood for $5.5 million, claiming he physically abused her repeatedly. He denied the abuse but settled the suit under undisclosed terms in November.


I was very thrilled that the Legislature’s top two Republicans were cast out! Hooray! At least 14 incumbents lost their bids to be on November’s ballot, thanks to PACleanSweep.

From Yahoo News:

[…] But voter anger at the Pennsylvania Legislature boiled over at the polls.

In a late-night vote last year, lawmakers had boosted their salaries by up to 54 percent, with no public hearing or floor debate. They later repealed the raises under pressure, but the damage was done. A group called PACleanSweep set out to clean house in Harrisburg by recruiting and supporting challengers for the primary.

Sixty-one incumbents faced primary challenges Tuesday, the most since 1980. At least 14 were defeated, and six other races were too close to call early Wednesday.

Swept from office were the Senate’s No. 1 Republican — President Pro Tempore Robert C. Jubelirer — and Majority Leader David J. Brightbill. It’s the first time in more than 40 years that any Pennsylvania legislative leader was voted out of office.


Here’s a picture of one of the Diebold machines used in yesterday’s election, from the Towanda PA Daily Review.

Interestingly, I see only one power cord in the picture. Perhaps this site encountered the same problems we did and decided not to use the daisy-chain method of hooking them up.


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