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The Rude Pundit’s Impeachment Advice for Dems

I love reading The Rude Pundit. If nothing else, the spewing and rants comfort me at a time when the rest of America seems anesthetized by American Idol and Survivor and every other stupid show about horny morons.

The Rude Pundit is indeed rude, so if sailor-talk gives you the vapors and causes you to clutch your pearls, you might want to avoid reading it.

Impeachment Campaign…(The Cangue) is a favorite. I've read it every morning since it appeared – just to brighten my day. Here's a favorite excerpt: (all emphasis is mine)

For Democratic Congressional candidates, it's simple enough. (And if they're not doing the following already, they are missing out on a golden opportunity.) Choose any random Democrat running against a Republican. Let's say Lois Murphy, running against incumbent Republican Jim Gerlach in Pennsylvania's Sixth Districh. Gerlach has got his Bush-cangue already, so in every ad that Murphy runs, every appearance that Murphy makes, she should make sure to mention how much Gerlach is beholden to Bush and Cheney. Hell, she should makes sure that she always says, "Jim Gerlach and George Bush believe…" And fill in the blank. That's the weight, man. Hell, with Gerlach and other House members, there's the added weight of Tom DeLay: "What Jim Gerlach, George Bush, and Tom DeLay did…" And who the fuck's gonna vote for him? Someone who actually still supports Bush and DeLay? That's gettin' to be precious, precious few people, and we'd call them "bugfuck insane."

The guilt-by-association rhetorical device is specious and overused, except when it's true. And with a President and party so hated by nearly the entire nation, when the only "victory" that Bush is said to be "celebrating" is more tax cuts for the very wealthy, well, it's time to move in for the rhetorical kill, and that's to use Bush against his party. Again, as the Rude Pundit said yesterday, the idea is to force Republican candidates to choose between supporting Bush or denying him, and either way there's a bear trap waiting to chomp down.

And here comes the best part:

Democrats need to bathe in the streams of blood pouring from the wounded administration and the hemhorraging Republican Party. They need to celebrate like ancient rites would have them, eating the hearts of their enemies to make them stronger. So when, for instance, Hillary Clinton is asked to say something nice about Bush, she shouldn't respond that he's one charming motherfucking pig or some such shit. No, she should say, "His heart was tasty. His blood was warmer than I thought it would be."


May 13, 2006 - Posted by | Bush, Congress, Culture of Corruption, Democrats, Government, Politics, Republicans, White House

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