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Lieberman – as compassionate as a serial killer

Via FireDogLake:

Remember when Bush's favorite Democrat, Joe Lieberman said Catholic hospitals shouldn't be forced to give emergency contraception to rape victims and that "In Connecticut, it shouldn't take more than a short ride to get to another hospital,"?

Well, Connecticut Bob had an idea:

But here's a suggestion: Why don't you provide maps for the victims, so they can walk out of the Emergency Rooms of the various Catholic hospitals around the state, hail a cab, and take that "short ride" to another hospital?

But, he must have realized he was talking to the wrong guy. Compassionless Joe wasn't likely to do that, so CT Bob went ahead and did it himself.

[…] knowing how difficult it is to even GET a cab at 2AM, I'll include the distance between the hospitals, in case the victims have to walk (or crawl) there.

So here ya go, Joe. Just print these out and send them to the Catholic hospitals Emergency Rooms. (Of course, we all know they wouldn't even give them to the victims, but it can't hurt to try…) 

The maps make it very clear just how much 'love' Joe has for rape victims.

In New Haven, the distance between the Hospital of St. Raphael and Yale New Haven Hospital is 1.37 miles, or a 27-minute walk. It's worse for women raped in the Bridgeport area. The distance between hospitals is 2.73 miles, or a 54-minute walk.

Naturally, this assumes the rape victims are able to walk. Unfortunately, Bob didn't include expected times for those women who must crawl between hospitals due to the severity of their injuries and the lack of available cabs at late hours.


May 5, 2006 - Posted by | Connecticut, DINOs, Health, Law, War On Women


  1. I think that post was spot on! Way to go… I’ll add my Joe poem to bid you goodnight… :>)

    Oh! Joe!

    You are a predator.
    Must we endure
    Your suffering?
    Must we attend
    Your pandering,
    Swill with you
    the juice of failure,
    In off-step reality,
    Seize neck
    And snap it?

    You’ve lost
    Your people
    Rallied behind
    The right
    Of most
    The blood may stain
    All our hands
    But you’re bathing
    In its effervescence

    Swiftly, Joe.
    Surely, Joe.
    Leaning your
    Traded head
    To block.
    No ones fault
    But your own.
    Heaping praise
    Upon lies
    Is not
    Where you need

    You have sold
    Your stake,
    Your claim!
    You’re the worst
    kind of predator;

    Comment by thepoetryman | May 5, 2006 | Reply

  2. Fabulous TPM! I think I’ll email a copy to Dear Leader’s bestest buddy! At the very least it’ll give the person reading his email a little jolt!

    Comment by PA_Lady | May 6, 2006 | Reply

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