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I came across this at The Left Coaster:

[…] neither the GOP nor Big Oil apologists like Gasparino mention the following: of the 60-cent per gallon price spike in gas from January 3rd, 2006 through April 10th, 2006 here in California, only 12 cents of that increase was the result of increases in the spot market price of crude oil, indicating that a constricted supply of crude wasn’t the driver behind these increases.

As for the “blame the environmentalists” argument, the price increase isn’t the result of gasoline additives either, since a comparison with Washington State’s gas prices shows a similar increase, where they haven’t mandated cleaner gas.


According to a study done last month for the Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights, “Approximately 42 cents of the 60-cent increase in gasoline prices is attributable to increased refinery and marketing profit margins for the oil companies.”

 Things that make you go hmmmm….


May 4, 2006 - Posted by | Congress, Culture of Corruption, Gas Prices, Oil

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