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I keep reading about the refusal of the Bush administration to take nuclear weapons off the table in regards to Iran, and like everyone else on the right side of the sanity line, I have to ask, "Have they lost their frickin' minds?!"

How in the name of Pete does a President – the so-called 'Leader of the Free World' – not have the sense to know that planning to use a nuclear weapon of any kind against another nation is simply asking to be bombed and radiated into oblivion by them, or by their friends?

Should we make 'The Day After' and 'War Games' mandatory viewing for Presidential candidates so they too can learn the risks of unleashing a nuclear holocaust on the world?

I'll be honest, 'The Day After' scared the living hell out of me as a teenager. I had nightmares for months, and not just about the way Steve Gutenberg looked at the end! (Though that was horrifying as well!)

I remember calculating the distance from my home to the three closest 'likely' targets of nuclear attack – New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington, DC. I lived within a 350-mile radius of NYC and Philly, so immediate death was unlikely. I realized that my family, friends, and I would probably live a few weeks or less before dying of radiation poisoning. Oh. joy.

'War Games' gave us the visual of Mutual Assured Destruction. No matter who starts it, no matter what variant used, it can only end one way. Death. If you're 'lucky', you'll be one of those vaporized before you know what's hit you. The unlucky ones will survive the initial impact and fireball, only to die later from fallout and/or the nuclear winter.

As the computer, Joshua, says, "The only way to win is not to play."  


April 19, 2006 - Posted by | Bush, Cheney, Government, Iran, Nuclear Weapons

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