The Lady Speaks

Computers Suck!

In case anyone out there missed me, I'm still among the living!

Unfortunately, my computer caught a bad cold or something, and I was presented with the "Blue Screen of Death" on Saturday morning.  Yay…just what I needed.

After many desperate and heroic measures were taken over the past three days, I finally realized there was no hope – I had to pull the plug. In this case, that meant formatting the hard drive and (ugh!) installing Windows XP.

I fought against this. I really hate XP – I hate the way it looks, I hate the way it acts, and I hate the fact that everything is different from my beloved Win98SE. (Yes, people, I was still using 98SE; I liked it.) Would it kill Microsoft to have a little setup button that lets XP act and look like 98? Apparently so. (/rant)

Before actually wiping the disk, I had to take the time to say goodbye to things I couldn't save. Pictures, graphics, my writings, etc. And then…with real reluctance, I hit the enter button and wiped the drive clean.

Of course, this presents all kinds of problems – like, I have to re-download about 25 programs that I need – IM's, Firefox, etc. And, I have to – somehow – get my ISP's software downloaded. I think NetZero also hates WinXP, because everytime I try, I get "corrupted or blah…blah" messages. *sigh*

I'm only online because of AOL sending those little free disks out all the time, and a sister who's willing to let me use her AOL account to download the software I need.

I will hopefully be back online and fully-functional in the next few hours.



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