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Rubber Stamp Update

Update: (3.29.06 12:53p EDT) From a commenter at FDL:

2 more on the way! Called in my order and Sandy says they will extend the deadline til 5 pm and that they will extend it further if need be. Said she emailed Jane with that information and thanks everyone here for the great business and asks that we spread the word. Way over 500 have been ordered, maybe close to 1000. — angie

* * * * One hour left to get your order in to The Stamp Maker and take advantage of the 20% discount being offered! (Promo code: SPRING – all caps!!)

Yesterday, over 200 orders were placed, many for multiple stamps!

And, if you want to really feel good, read this:

From Christy @ FDL: I just wanted to take a moment to tell you what a difference you have all made — not just in standing up and participating in a moment of citizen democracy — but also in the lives of the folks who own this business. It’s a woman-owned small business in Michigan, and we were told yesterday that the orders we placed in a single day were more than they usually do in an entire month. As a former business owner myself when I was in private practice, I can tell you that sort of business windfall can make a world of difference — and I’m so pleased that we could help them out while trying to help our nation as well.

Is that a great feeling or what! Knowing you're not only taking a stand and making your voice heard, but helping out a small-business owner!

FDL has all the details here.


March 29, 2006 - Posted by | Congress, Government, Politics, Protest

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