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Attention Joe Biden!

Is Joe Biden an idiot, a moron, a brainless twit, a DINO…all of the above? Joe Biden doesn't want to censure the president. Why? Because 'we don't know what he's done.' Well, no kidding!

That's the point of holding hearings. We don't know what he's done, or what other laws he's violated, because he – using his so-called 'inherent' powers – has ignored the Fourth Amendment and the 1978 FISA law.  

Does Congress know what the NSA is doing, who it's spying on, whether it is surveilling legitimate Al-Qaida targets or activists? Does the FISA court know who the NSA is targeting? 

The short answer is no. No one knows what the NSA is doing, except for the NSA and the White House.  

We've been through this before, Mr. Biden. Back in the 70's. A Republican President claimed inherent powers of office during wartime, and used this to order illegal wire-taps on political opponents (Democrats!), anti-war activists, civil rights activists, journalists. Anyone who disagreed with his policies, anyone he saw as an enemy.

Because of that, Congress passed a law to prevent it from happening again. The same law that President Bush has admitted to violating and admitted would continue to be ignored.

Democrats need to join together and tell the White House they will no longer allow President Bush and his administration to violate laws. They will not allow the President to ignore the Constitution of the United States.

Stop debating the supposed wartime powers, and tell the President to obey the law!


March 29, 2006 - Posted by | Bush, Congress, Constitution, Democrats, Government, Homeland Security, Intelligence, War

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