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Damn Those Democrats!

The President’s latest mouthful of bullshit? “If you want to keep your hard-earned money, vote Republican.”

From the Associated Press:

President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney launched a one-two political punch against Democrats on Friday, saying they are ill-equipped to handle the economic recovery or the war on terror.

Shouldering dismal poll ratings, Bush worked to frame the debate ahead of this year’s congressional elections by telling supporters that “the difference is clear” between the two parties on how to sustain the recovery.

“If you want the government in your pocket, vote Democrat,” Bush said. “If you want to keep more of your hard-earned money, vote Republican.”

Okay. Right.

Time for a little history lesson, Georgie.

The Democrats are actually rather well-equipped to handle the economic recovery, seeing as how they had to do it after Ronald Reagan and your father ran the deficit to then-record levels. Let’s review some facts:

1. During Bill Clinton’s eight years in office, 23 million jobs were created, the budget was balanced, the debt incurred during the Reagan-Bush years was paid off and the country was in a state of great prosperity.

2. In 2001, when you took office, the country had a billion-dollar surplus.

3. In 2002, one year after you took office, the budget surplus was gone. Vanished. Why? Well, first, you cut taxes for some folks out there. However, you Republicans did nothing to cut spending at the same time. Instead, spending increased under your watch.

4. Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Current cost of the Iraq war? Over 2300 military personnel dead, over 16,000 injured, plus $259 billion dollars and counting.

5. Fraud, mismanagement, and waste – a hallmark of your administration. How much money was stolen by Halliburton and its subsidiaries (and other politically-connected companies) for doing jobs in Iraq that were done by military units in previous wars for much lower costs? How much money was stolen, wasted, or misused by FEMA and politically-connected companies in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina?

So, here we are, in 2006, facing future economic disaster – and I do mean disaster on a ‘Great Depression’ scale – and you’re busy cutting money to programs that help the less fortunate in our society – including veterans of current and former wars, while making sure your rich friends are making lots of money and paying less taxes on that money.

And may your God help us if China decides it doesn’t want to loan us any more money, or asks us to pay back what we’ve already borrowed. The current deficit is so large that each man, woman, and child living in the United States currently owes $30,000.

Here’s some more facts: The Democrats have zero power in DC. None. The Republicans hold majorities in both chambers of Congress, so even if every Democrat votes against them, they still pass whatever legislation they want.

Plus, even with a Republican Congress that cheerfully rubber-stamped everything that crossed their desks (until Dubai Ports World) you continue making ‘signing statements’. Signing statements that – in effect – mean you don’t care what Congress says because you’ll do what you want.

What’s the definition of ‘tyrant’ again?

The Minister of Propaganda…Scott McClellan keeps telling us you want to ‘work with the Congress’ and that you’ll be happy to listen to their ‘ideas and suggestions’. Since when does the Constitution say that Congress’ only role is that of advisory committee?
As for the War on Terror – do you really believe anyone can do a worse job than you already have?! I think my thirteen-year-old daughter could run this war better than you!

Another few salient points:

1. Osama Bin Laden – remember him? He’s the guy who actually planned the 9-11 attacks, and he is still on the loose nearly 5 years later.

2. Iraq had nothing to do with 9-11. They were not connected to Al-Qaida, except by Saddam’s attempts to infiltrate their organization. Saddam hated Osama, and Osama hated Saddam. Why? Because, moron, Osama wanted a Taliban-type regime, while Saddam – because he was a power freak – ran a secular government.

3. You’ve admitted that that your little war was a failure, and that you will not be cleaning up your own mess.


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