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Warning Signs From the Beginning

Jim Maceda of NBC News has an article up on, saying the warning signs that the Iraqi people wouldn’t keep the ‘welcome mat’ out were there from the beginning.

Three years ago I was sitting on the Iraq-Jordan border in a grubby transit town called Ruweishid when I saw my future go by in a flash.

I recall the lump in my throat that told me the next five years — at least — would be consumed by yet another war, by more combat reporting, more threats to myself and my team, more explosions and possibly, more kidnappings, just as I had experienced in other Middle East flashpoints.

I was, to borrow a phrase, in shock and awe that the invasion was actually happening. Especially since I had bet my foreign editor, Danny Noa, $50 that President Bush wouldn’t do it.


In particular, there were three moments that stick in my mind, details that added flesh to my earlier musings.

The first was while covering a breadline near the Haifa Road, in downtown Baghdad. A father of a family of six (all on line) told me, smiling, ‘You know, you Americans will have about six months of welcome. After that, you will be seen as an occupier, and that means you will be our enemy.’



March 23, 2006 - Posted by | Bush, Government, Iraq, US Military, War

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