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Two Fun Contests

Over at Another Goddamned Blog, jurassicpork’s running a fun contest. And there’s even a prize!

Submit your punchline either via email or in the comment section here and your blog can host the infamous Assclowns of the Week. That’s right, I’m hosting this contest because I’ve been kicking the idea around in my head for months. It was just a matter of how to go about doing it. Then this great setup line popped in my head yesterday: How do you know when a Republican’s dead?

The winner will be judged by yours truly and the author’s punchline will be announced the weekend after next, along with a link to your blog. Not only that but, if you’ve been a good boy/girl and have been washing behind your ears, the link may even be posted in Mike’s Blog Roundup on Crooks and Liars, which will guarantee at least a couple of thousand hits for your site.

The second contest is from RJ Eskow at HuffPo:

The operative condition for the 21st Century American “conservative” is false indignation. They’re always pretending to be outraged about something. This high-pitched whining has the convenient effect of limiting public discourse, making it harder to discuss critical issues openly and rationally. It’s worked, too, even when it should be embarrassingly obvious what they’re doing and why.

Yet people still fall for it (and by “people” I mean the media).


I figure the best way to end this pattern of artificial indignation is by exposing it to the ridicule it so strongly deserves, so I’m holding a new contest – ‘HuffCon: Pick Your Favorite Phony Conservative Outrage.’ […] Unlike my ‘Guess Bush’s Nickname For Abramoff’ contest, where unfortunately nobody got it right, I promise this contest will have a winner, a runner-up, and a third place finalist (aka ‘win,’ ‘place,’ and ‘show’).

Contestants will be judged on originality, writing flair, and the absurdity of the conservative ‘outrage’ chosen for ridicule. It’s important to name the outrage, illustrate its flaws, and describe why the phony indignation’s being mustered.


March 22, 2006 - Posted by | Bush, Cheney, Government, National Security, Politics, Republicans

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