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Vietnam Redux

In case anyone out there still believed that the Brainless NightmareCaptain Insanity…the President was going to bring our troops home soon, we finally have an answer.

Q: Will there come a day, and I’m not asking you when -I’m not asking for a timetable. Will there come a day when there will be no more American forces in Iraq?”

BUSH: That, of course is an objective, and that will be decided by future presidents and future governments of Iraq.

So, in other words, don’t expect the troops home on his watch.

Anyone want to bet that soon after the November elections, we’re going to start hearing the word ‘draft’ bandied around DC and the media?

I’m serious. It is common knowledge that our troops cannot physically or emotionally continue as they have been. Deaths, polytrauma injuries, mental fatigue, equipment fatigue – it’s all adding up.

The military, no matter how many troops it pulls from other service branches, no matter what incentives they offer new recruits, simply cannot get the bodies it needs to fulfill its quotas. Which means, it cannot keep enough ‘boots on ground’.

Short of having our troops barricade themselves behind the walls and razor wire of their bases, the options for continuing this war are limited. And what happens when state governments start ordering their troops home, which is within their rights as sovereign states?

The longer this mess goes on, the higher the probability that a draft will be required to maintain troop strength.


March 21, 2006 - Posted by | Bush, Government, Iraq, National Security, US Military, War

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