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I was surfing Google last night, looking for some sort of inspiration for this post. I wanted to come up with something as good as last week’s. [eaten by WP gremlins and probably never to be repeated because -of course, it took me darned near three hours to write and edit.]

As I surfed, I wondered why – three years into this mess – there are no protest songs against the war. Or if there are, I’m not hearing them on the radio. I did a quick search on ‘Gulf War Protest Songs’, and after multiple clicks through multiple websites, following tantalizing clues and excerpts, I came across this.

John Davies is a curate in Liverpool, England, and has this posted on his website.

A song, written in 1991 during the first Gulf War. I’ll let it speak for – and by – itself.


If the war goes on
and the children die of hunger,
and the old men weep
for the young men are no more,
and the women learn
how to dance without a partner
who will keep the score?

If the war goes on
and the truth is taken hostage;
and new terrors lead
to the need to euphemise,
when the calls for peace
are declared unpatriotic,
who’ll expose the lies?

If the war goes on
and the daily bread is terror,
and the voiceless poor
take the road as refugees;
when a nation’s pride
destines millions to be homeless,
who will heed their pleas

If the war goes on
and the rich increase their fortunes
and the arms sales soar
as new weapons are displayed,
when a fertile field
turns to-no-man’s-land tomorrow,
who’ll approve such trade?

If the war goes on
will we close the doors to heaven,
if the war goes on,
will we breach the gates of hell;
if the war goes on,
will we ever be forgiven,
if the war goes on….

Words & music John L. Bell & Graham Maule, music John L. Bell, copyright @ 1999, 2001, 2002 WGRG, Iona Community Glasgow G2 3DH, Scotland.


March 19, 2006 - Posted by | Iraq, Music, Protest, US Military, Veterans, War

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