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Walkin’ To New Orleans – Day 5

A few excerpts from the blog at Bring Them Home Now:

This is a red state!
You are going to get lynched!
Don’t go into the deep south!

These are the things that the lethargic pessimists said of this march but as we walk the love and support are overwhelming. This is now at least a purple state if not a full blue state as the honks and peace signs shower us along. I have to say that there are the middle fingers still every so often but not the hate I was expecting. These people are living off of nothing but love and it has overwhelmed and is helping to heel the wounded souls of the Iraq War vets. […]

Geoffrey Millard
Iraq Veterans Against the War
17 mar 2006

* * *

We ran off schedule this morning because some local folks asked us to come take a look at their section of town. They wanted someone to see what had happened to them. So instead of sticking to the planned route, we walked a loop around their area. People came out of their businesses to watch us go by, and were incredibly supportive. I dropped out of formation to talk to a few women from a dental clinic who came out in their scrubs and business suits. They didn’t know we were coming, but felt they had to come out and support us. I introduced myself and explained who we were, and our purpose. They said they came out to watch because they felt they had to show their support. I asked if they’d been affected by the hurricane, and one woman looked away, another nodded in her direction and said she had been. She said she lost everything, and then choked up. She was having a bad day, she said – it was the third time today she had broken down. We ended up just standing in the center of the parking lot, hugging each other.


Nothing but love in Slidell.

Audrey Mantey
Veterans for Peace

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