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Selenski acquitted

Some days, there’s justice. But not today.

Hugo Selenski of Wilkes-Barre PA was acquitted on one count of first-degree murder after the jury dead-locked. He was found guilty of two counts of ‘abuse of a corpse’. The judge in the case said Selenski cannot be retried.


Selenski’s relatives broke out in sobs as the verdict was read.

Prosecutors had accused Selenski of luring Frank James, 29, and Adeiye Keiler, 22, to his home north of Wilkes-Barre with the intention of robbing them of drugs and money.

Prosecutors said he shot both men, then tossed their bodies into a fire pit and burned the remains with the help of another man, Patrick Russin.


Authorities were led to Selenski’s property while investigating the disappearance of Michael Kerkowski, a pharmacist linked to drug dealing who had been missing since 2002, and Kerkowski’s girlfriend Tammy Lynn Fassett. Their corpses were unearthed from a shallow grave near Selenski’s house.

Selenski has not been charged with those deaths but he is considered a suspect. In court papers, prosecutors have said they believe Selenski strangled and robbed them in 2002.

Other human remains found in the yard have yet to be identified. […]

From the Citizen’s Voice:


It all came down to whether to believe Patrick Russin. Ten didn’t.


Despite being deadlocked whether Selenski committed first-degree — or premeditated — murder, all 12 jurors acquitted him of second- and third-degree murder, which legally cleared him of the entire charge. […]


March 17, 2006 - Posted by | Courts, Crime, Pennsylvania

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