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The ‘Show Me’ state of Idiots

Missouri….the hits just keep on coming.

The legislature has just rejected funding for birth control at public health clinics. Why? (You’ll love this!) Because, paying for birth control for women who are too rich for Medicaid (which pays for it) and too poor for private health insurance (which pays for it) would send a message that the state ‘condones’ promiscuous lifestyles.

Good grief!

From the Kansas City Star:

[…] Missouri stopped providing money for family planning and certain women’s health services when Republicans gained control of both chambers of the Legislature in 2003.

But a Democratic lawmaker, in a little-noticed committee amendment, had successfully inserted language into the proposed budget for the fiscal year starting July 1 that would have allowed part of the $9.2 million intended for ‘core public health functions’ to go to contraception provided through public health clinics.

The House voted 96-59 to delete the funding for contraception and infertility treatments after Rep. Susan Phillips told lawmakers that anti-abortion groups such as Missouri Right to Life were opposed to the spending.

‘If you hand out contraception to single women, we’re saying promiscuity is OK as a state, and I am not in support of that,’ Phillips, R-Kansas City, said in an interview.

Others, including some lawmakers who described themselves as ‘pro-life,’ said it was illogical for anti-abortion lawmakers to deny money for contraception to low-income people who use public health clinics.

‘It’s going to have the opposite effect of what the intention is, which will be more unwanted pregnancies and more abortions,’ said Rep. Kate Meiners, D-Kansas City.

The other alternative is for low-income women to give birth to more children, which is only likely to drive up the state’s costs to provide services to them, said Democratic Rep. Melba Curls, also of Kansas City.


Missouri Right to Life said it was concerned with the contraception language because it was loosely written and could have included emergency contraception – often referred to as the morning-after pill.

The Missouri Catholic Conference also opposed the birth control funding.

‘State taxpayers should not be required to subsidize activities they believe are immoral or unethical, relating to contraceptives or abortions,’ said Larry Weber, executive director of the state Catholic Conference.

Hey, you right-wing, Bible-thumping, morons! Guess what? You don’t have to be promiscuous to need birth control! Married women use birth control, too!

But you’d much rather a married woman have just as many babies as she can before her body completely wears out, right? And you’d certainly prefer it if those damned single women would just stop having sex altogether, right?


March 16, 2006 - Posted by | Birth Control, Missouri, Politics, Religion, Reproductive Rights, War On Women

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