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Idiocy and Incompetence – it’s the Republican way

The House Republicans today defeated an amendment to the Hurricane and War spending Bill, that would have increased funding for port security and disaster preparedness.

Yes. You read that correctly. The House Republicans – the “National Security” party – voted against port security and disaster preparedness.

From ThinkProgress:

Included in the amendment

– $300 million to enable U.S. customs agents to inspect high-risk containers at all 140 overseas ports that ship directly to the United States. Current funding only allows U.S. customs agents to operate at 43 of these ports.
– $400 million to place radiation monitors at all U.S. ports of entry. Currently, less than half of U.S. ports have radiation monitors.
– $300 million to provide backup emergency communications equipment for the Gulf Coast.

YEAS: 194 Dems, 12 Repubs, 1 Ind (207). NAYS: 210 Republicans, 0 Dems, 0 Ind (210)

And in other news, ‘Chokes-On-Pretzel’….Captain ‘Fills-His-Pants’….the President reaffirms his belief that the US should be a bully…his policy of pre-emptive attacks on other nations to boost his ratings.

From the Associated Press:

The report accuses Iran of meddling in Iraq and equipping the insurgency, which is threatening a fragile democracy in Baghdad. The report was released as U.S. and Iraqi forces launched the largest air assault mission against insurgents and terrorists in Iraq since the U.S.-led invasion in April 2003.

The administration is working to persuade Russia and China to support a proposed U.N. Security Council resolution demanding that Iran end its uranium enrichment program.

‘This diplomatic effort must succeed if confrontation is to be avoided,’ Bush said. He did not elaborate on what would happen if international negotiations with Iran were to fail.

Hadley said the international effort must speak with one voice if diplomacy can succeed in getting Iran to curb this step in nuclear weapons development.

‘We are, I think, beginning to get indications that the Iranians are finally beginning to listen,’ Hadley said. ‘There is beginning to be a debate within the leadership — and I would hope a debate between the leadership and their people — about whether the course they’re on is the right course for the good of their country.’

The report is an updated version of one Bush issued in 2002 that outlined the pre-emptive policy, marking an end of a deterrent military strategy that dominated the Cold War.


Susan Rice, a national security expert at the Brookings Institution, an independent policy research group, said the report echoes the 2002 version ‘by reaffirming the discredited doctrine of pre-emption, while shifting the presumed target of that doctrine from Iraq to Iran.’

‘This shift is ironic since the administration’s all-encompassing, four-year preoccupation with Iraq afforded Iran the time and space to pursue its nuclear ambitions and undermine U.S. security interests in the Middle East,’ Rice said.

Anyone else getting that sick feeling in the pit of their stomach that Bush plans to attack Iran, no matter what? That he’s planning on going out in a blaze of glory and taking the rest of us to Glory?


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