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Hating George – not just for lefty bloggers anymore

A new poll shows His Imperial Majesty’sHis Holy Fearfulness’….the President’s approval rating has dropped an all-new low of 33%. If a few more points fall off, he might even beat out Jimmy Carter, Harry Truman, his father, and Richard Nixon for the record disapproval rating!

Finally, something about Dear Leader that even liberals can look forward to…

From Reuters:

Bush’s approval rating dipped as low as 33 percent in one recent poll after a string of bad news for the White House, including uproars over a now-dead Arab port deal, a secret eavesdropping program, a series of ethics scandals involving high-profile Republicans and a bungled response to Hurricane Katrina.


A majority of Americans, 56 percent, believe Bush is ‘out of touch,’ the poll found. When asked for a one-word description of Bush, the most frequent response was ‘incompetent,’ followed by ‘good,’ ‘idiot‘ and ‘liar.’ In February 2005, the most frequent reply was ‘honest.’


A recent CBS poll found 66 percent of the public believed the country was headed down the wrong track, while a Harris Interactive poll put the number at 60 percent.

Views on Iraq and the war on terrorism were equally pessimistic, with 67 percent of respondents in the CNN/USA Today/Gallup poll saying Bush did not have a clear plan for handling Iraq.

Independent pollster Dick Bennett of American Research Group said Bush’s failure to acknowledge public anxieties added to his troubles.

‘The biggest problem the White House faces is reconnecting with people. People simply aren’t buying it anymore,’ Bennett said. ‘People can see for themselves that things actually are not fine.’

Bush’s ratings are still above historical lows recorded since Gallup started presidential polling after World War Two. The approval ratings for Harry Truman, Jimmy Carter, Richard Nixon and the first George Bush, the current president’s father, all dropped into the 20s.


March 16, 2006 - Posted by | Bush, Government, Politics

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